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So we got whacked with a storm yesterday, about 10 inches of snow......after having temps in the high 50s last week. Crazy New England weather.

But I think we are at the tail end of the winter season....and like most of us, I am looking forward to spring. Now I love the gorgeous snow, don't get me wrong (I've appreciated it here and here)......but my sandals are calling and I am starting to get cabin fever.

Spring just represents so much.....new life, new beginnings, a fresh new start. I can't wait to clear out the debris from the garden beds and make way for my flowers and plants to come alive this year. My garden is one of my favorite places to be......I designed it so that I can look out the window and get a front row, up close and personal view of God's amazing imagination (now you know where my blog title comes from). It is filled with a variety of colors, nectars and blooms that invite the greatest diversity of visitors. It is not one of those perfectly groomed gardens with perfect spacing and not a weed in sight. It is more like a cottage style garden....mirroring my personality.....no borders/boundaries, stuff getting a little crowded and overgrown....plenty of weeds. ;)

With spring approaching...... I can't wait to fill the hummingbird feeder and expected my daily visit from the family that lives nearby. I also look forward to sitting on my front step with my coffee and wait patiently for one of the most amazing creatures that God has designed, the butterflies. OK, so maybe that is more summer and I am getting ahead of myself here.....

Anyway.....speaking of seasons......my bestest friend Lili dropped off a CD for me to listen to. She knows I love to hear some good preaching and she was right on with this one. This is an amazing woman name Martha Tennison and it was from a women's retreat in 2006. (if you Google her name, like I did.....you will see how she has influenced many Believin' bloggers and writers)

This woman of God is so awesome.....she'll make you laugh, she'll make you cry.....but most of all, she will instills a powerful Word in your heart. So far, I have only listened to half of it.....but felt moved to share what she has taught me so far.

With this sermon, she talks about seasons. And she opens with this mighty statement "Seasons are certain.....not final"

She reminds us that no matter what season we are in, in our life......we need to remember that when God places promises in our heart.....He has it all orchestrated and will fulfill that Promise. What is hard for us, is that we need to press through the season, no matter how long it is. It could be a season of despair, a season of financial downfall, a season of sickness. These seasons can last weeks, months.......even years.

We need to relate to a farmer's way of thinking. A farmer does not fret about the seasons. He knows they are part of the life cycle of his crops. So we need to stay planted in God's word, His power, His love during every season of our lives.

We need to trust that seasons are all part of His plan for our life. So today's situation includes yesterday's Promise and will not stop tomorrow's fulfillment. Woah. powerful stuff.

This woman can preach it like no other, so I won't even try to reiterate 1/10 of what she spoke about.....it wouldn't do it any justice. I just soaked in her teachings and heard His wisdom in my heart. If you ever are able to get your hands on one of her sermons or better yet, find a retreat or conference with her on the bill....my advice is JUMP on it! (edited to add......in my Googling efforts, I found a site with audio sermons/podcasts and she has two available, Feb 8-9)

So I will end with this last powerful statement that planted a seed in my heart (no pun intended)

Spring is coming......making way for summer.......and fall will bring the harvest.

Hope you have lots of sunshine today



Karen said...

I live in SoCal, so the changing of the seasons is more subtle here than in other parts of the country, but I always love when Spring arrives, the new flowers bloom and the days start to get a little longer. It always makes me happy.

I really liked this post! Thank you!

Pam said...

Great post! There are some wonderful truths in it. My Mother-in-law has heard Martha Tennison speak and I think she was just impressed with her as you were. She must be quite a lady.

I'm looking forward to Spring, too. So are my tulips and irises. They are beginning to peek their little noses out of the ground already. Yay!

Have a great day.

amanda said...

exactally what my heart needed. thanks michelle...or rather the lord who used you to speak to me. either way it's all good!!

shepherdsgrace said...

whoops, my computer is acting up...this really blessed me, especially this line,
"Seasons are certain.....not final"

great truth...I will look up this woman teacher, i don't think I have heard her before...



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