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Perfect Timing

Just a quick little story (if there *is* such a thing with me) about how God has perfect timing.....and a sense of humor.

Sometimes on Friday nights, I stay over my in-laws house. It works out nice as Josh has to work until later in the evening so I am usually alone with the kids. And now that basketball season is dwindling down, the boys are going back to Friday night "Ground Zero" which is their youth service at the church. Our church is only a few minutes from my in-laws so it makes the drop off/pick up easier on my gas tank when I stay over too.

So last weekend, the night was winding down and it was time to hit the sack. N and I sleep together so we did our nightly brush teeth, pee on toilet and jump in bed. I have to mention that sleeping at my in-laws is a treat as she splurges on quality linens and has great pillows.

We settle in, fluff the pillow and I tell N that I love her very much. I suggest that we say our prayers and go to sleep as it was getting late. So I begin with:

"Dear God......thank you for this day,
Thank you for keeping everyone safe tonight,
Please keep Daddy safe driving home from work
(it was raining pretty hard and windy that night)
Thank you for keeping us all healthy
In Jesus Name~Amen"

I like to keep my prayers with N short and sweet.....and to the point.

I nudged N to let her know it was her turn.......she let out a little sigh and meekly mentioned that she was too tired to say them, and that she thought I did a good job for both of us.

Trying not to laugh and did something that I swore I would never do........

use the "guilt trip" tactic.

I simply said......OK, but I bet God would feel a little disappointed that you don't even have one minute to spare to let Him know how important He is.

Just then.....a huge gust of wind smacked a sheet of rain on the window (which was right at our heads) making a loud crash and shaking thing up a bit.

N grabbed my upper arm......pretty sure I still have the five bruise dots from her fingers and gasped......"What was THAT!?!?!"

Thankfully it was pitch black as I now had an even bigger smile on my face and said......"I dunno......Maybe God is really really really disappointed right now. You know He *is* in charge of everything, including the rain and wind"

She sprung up, clasped her hands together and shouted:

"Thank you Lord for everything, you are so important to me, AMEN"

.......she then dove under the blankets and stuck to me like a tick.

I hugged her tight......told her I loved her one more time......smiled believing God was laughing right along with me......and slept like a baby.

Happy Friday.....feel free to share a funny kid story with me! They are priceless.



Pam said...

Such a cute story. Kids are so great! When my guy was just a toddler he had a thing for vacuums. His idea of fun wasn't going to the toy store. He wanted to go to the vacuum department at Sears so he could sprinkle salt and cotton on the ground and sweep it up with all the different vacuums. Anyway, one morning I was sitting in the recliner and he crawled up in my lap.

"Momma, what are you doing?"
"Praying. That's just me talking to God."

After he thought about it for a minute he asked me: "Do you think he's vacuuming?"

It was so cute.

Lynds said...

Aww she's so sweet. What a cute story!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, would you mind posting a link to my site. I would like to leave my post up for a couple of days to see what kind of disscusion I can get. I would like to see what other moms think.

Take care,

Charlotte said...

What a wonderful story! Thanks for stopping by my WFMW post!


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