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Works for Me Wednesday (free works for me!)

I didn't get chance to get my Works for Me Wednesday post ready because I got called into work last night (extra money=good thing).......but figured I would pass along my FREE giveaway to celebrate my 100th post from yesterday so I could still join in the fun!

You can win a new tie dye tee.....or grab a tee for one of your kids.......maybe you know someone who is having a baby soon! There is something for everyone!

And hey........*FREE* works for me!

Check out We are THAT Family's blog for tons of great ideas, resources and tips!

Peace and love~


Raising Olives said...

Oh, I came over to tell you that I also was addicted to Tide, my only brand name addiction also, but then I got sidetracked by your amazing t-shirts. Thanks!



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