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I wish I had an extra two grand hanging around......

.....because I really would love to go on this Music Boat Cruise!

I mean, how awesome would that be? First....I have never been on a cruise, but I heard they are fabulous. Second.....did you see that line up of bands??? David Crowder Band......Toby Mac.....BarlowGirl.....Mercy Me.......Pillar.......Jars of Clay!!!! Is that not the ultimate? It would be like attending The Soulfest on a luxury ship.

From The Music Boat website: ".....Enjoy morning devotions, food at every turn, incredible speakers, a rock wall…and this is just scratching the surface."

So this has my name written all over it......even the rock wall. I would totally scale up that badboy if I had the opportunity......can you image the view being on God's open seas??

I cannot promise that the "view" would be as pleasing to the eye looking up at me so high up.....and I am not so sure that I would even care at that point. I am a nice shade of pale in my bathing suit so I would hope that the glare of my pasty white skin would blind people from my jiggly thighs.

I would totally drink all the fancy drinks with umbrellas......(non-alcoholic please...although being on vacation is a good reason to fall off the wagon). From what I have heard about cruise ships and food......would probably gain back all the weight (and then some) I plan on losing before getting into said bathing suit. WOW, I am actually talking like this is going to happen.

But alas.......even if we did have the cashola......Josh is NOT a cruise guy. And he is not a big vacation person.....so strange, because if anyone needs some relaxing, it is him.

So it ain't happening.....
I could swing a ticket for me AND my bestest friend, Lili. Then I would have my bags packed faster than you could say.....Hallelujah. I love Josh with all my heart and soul.....but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

You see, Lili and I are destined to take some sort of trip together in this lifetime.......and I am not talking about the "fun" camping trips we have in the past. No, this trip will not include giant mosquitoes that are the size of crows attacking our families....or making sure one of our many children does not venture off into some creepy run-down "general store" with the toothless man behind the counter selling stale penny candy. (I actually saw those candy cigarettes in the case.....great way to prepare a generation...."Come on kids! Until you are old enough to buy the real ones......practice with these fake ones!)

I am talking a trip of a lifetime kinda trip. After all, she does have the application printed out for The Amazing Race and is insisting that we get our video application recorded and send it in. She feels that two middle age hippie Jesus Freaks with almost a dozen kids between them will make for good TV......whaddya think?

Lili has been watching this show for a few years, and has been saying all along on how we are going to be on it.....so, I started watching the show, and it looks pretty cool.....and do-able. I finally told her that I'm in, hey.....you only live once. As long as she eats the gross stuff. I then had to commit to the being the daredevil and doing all the scary stuff like jumping out of an airplane or something insane like that (although sky-diving *is* on my bucket list)

So back to the cruise.....I entered the giveaway....but some other couple won instead....I am pretending to be happy for them, although if they really were kind and Christian-like, they would offer it to me instead. KIDDING! (but it would be nice, wouldn't it?)

But speaking of winning.......I did win this giveaway a few days ago! WOOHOO for me!
Now all I need to do is flip through all my Kodak Easy Share quality photos and see what would be worthy of enlarging to poster size.

I was thinking this would be cool.......my friend took it when she went to Malawi. She saw this little child with no shirt on.......so she gave him one of my tees. I had given her a bunch to bring to brighten up a few children's day (clean crisp clothes are such a luxury in most villages). Isn't this an awesome image?

Maybe I'll use this one.......this was when I was pregnant with N. I was relaxing at one of Josh's motocross races......E came over out of the blue and said he needed to tell the baby something. He was telling her that he loved her so much and couldn't wait to meet her. Hmmmmmmm, I wonder where all that brotherly love went???

So getting back again to the cruise.....if anyone has any ideas on how I could raise the $2000 ($999/person) to take this cruise of a lifetime, please let me know. Or if you are feeling generous, I can supply you with my address to mail your donation to. After all, it is a worthy cause! Think about all the great blog posts that will spur out of such a spiritual trip.

And I will leave you with a question.....what would you do with if someone gave you $2000 and you could spend it only on something luxurious for yourself? GUILT FREE! (no bill paying or anything practical like that) *I say "guilt free" because for some reason, I have this lingering guilt of wanting to take a vacation and spending the money on something that is solely for *myself* right now.....

.....is that normal??



amanda said...

if i had extra money i'd so go on a vacation! a cruise sounds SO fun. shaun isn't a 'cruise guy' either or a plane guy. i told him yesterday we should go to hawaii. he said that involve going on a plane. i told him he could try driving there...i just don't think it'd work. :0) i will send you a picture of caitlyn in her shirt. i'm having her wear it tomorrow though...it's like a heat wave here today and long sleeves would be too warm. tomorrow it's back to normal. at any rate. i SO think you should go on amazing race. i LOVE that show. i have always tried to think who i could do that show with. i have yet to find a person. so if your friend ends up not working out we could do it. and i could try to do all the yucky stuff. we could be the creepy on line stalker pair! :0) so yeah, i'd take a vaca. and since shaun isn't a cruise or plane type maybe i could just come with you!!

Melonie said...

Hey - gorgeous blog! Thanks for your comment on mine. I agree - tea tree oil is awesome. I like the smell too; you're not *that* weird. (Or else I'm just really weird too. lol) I can't use it on my face tho due to having rosacea.... it burrrrrrns.

I hope you come up with a way to go on this cruise. It sounds amazing. One of my dear friends and her daughter interviewed the girls from BarlowGirl a couple years ago for a homeschooling mag we worked for. They had a wonderful time.

As for 2k to spend on myself... well now, I think I'd spring for a Master Herbalist certification from Vintage Remedies ($1400) and then blow the other $600 on books, books, and more books. Oh, and a pair of jeans and some Japanese stuff. LOL I live in an area that is considered to be the "Hawaii of Japan" now, so I guess I'm getting a government vacation for the next few years.

~Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

Hubs and I would go on vacation. Just us! 2 people. That's it. LOL We have several places we would like to go. I would love to see Italy again. A trip to somewhere tropical would be lovely. Now I am off to daydream!

Anonymous said...

Amazing Race, here we come...Watch out primetime T.V. you haven't seen anything yet until you've seen "middle-aged hippie moms with a dozen kids". Sorry Amanda but I'm not backing out. LOL


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