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So Friday night, our church was having a "Parent's Night Out/Fireproof" event. As I mentioned on my Lucky Friday post, you were able to drop off your younger kids around six....where they had all sorts of games, crafts, movies and ice cream sundae making planned. The movie was only being shown at 7:30 so that gave parents the opportunity to grab a bite to eat together or maybe just browse around a store for some quiet time. I chose the latter as Josh had to work. I was disappointed as I really wanted to watch this movie together, but I guess having the mortgage covered and food in the fridge is more important, huh? So I made the best of it and planned to wander aimlessly up and down the aisles of HomeGoods for that hour or so. Surprisingly, I didn't end up buying anything....the fact that I only had $7.75 in my wallet might have attributed to that. I did find some great ideas on how I'd like to decorate the family room that we are diving into creating from converting our garage this summer....more on that later. ;)

So I really liked Fireproof.....I will admit that I thought the acting was a little on the low-budget side. I was trying to rack my brain on where I knew the lead character from. I knew he was from my younger years of watching sitcoms as a kid, but couldn't put my finger on which one. Family Ties? no Who's the Boss? no.....it wasn't Facts of Life. I waited for the credits to roll and then I saw Kirk Cameron.....which did ring a bell, but pathetically I still couldn't remember the show. So when I got home, I went to my good friend Google and finally jogged my fuzzy brain and solved it for me. Growing Pains!

Now, I really enjoyed the message of the movie.....it had some pretty funny scenes and I will admit that I did need a tissue more than once. And not on all the *key* emotional scenes.....they show one shot of a large wooden cross, probably 15-20 feet tall.....the sun was peircing through the trees behind it......OK, that just chokes me up.

So back to my snarky comment about the acting quality. I felt guilty in a way after I found out that the majority of the cast/crew were amateurs. (like alot of the actors were from random churches and there were over 1,200 volunteers on the set). So for people who have not had any acting experience, they did a fantastic job.

And like who am *I* to judge.....and that I would have been able to do a better job?? HA! I bet if I was on a TV set, I would totally become like Cindy Brady, from The Brady Bunch, when she completely freezes up on that game show.....do you remember that episode or am I totally showing my age?

The most amazing thing, to me.....is how this movie has impacted so many lives and marriages. I have been hearing about the various Bible Studies based on this movie.......many couples taking The Love Dare......just knowing that God is being glorified through this movie makes it a winner in my book.

One other thing I found inspiring was Kirk Cameron's story. An atheist turned Christian (just that is enough to have the angels rockin out in Heaven).....but how he had his wife stand in for the last "kissing" scene. totally cool. Check out his site.....he and his wife are involved in some amazing ministries.

And lastly, it saddens me to hear reviews mocking how religion and big mainstream don't mix........but then again......we already know that.

Matthew 7:13

So I am anxious to hear your comments about this movie if you have seen it.....or the reasons you chose not to see it or didn't like it. It's all good....you don't have to always agree with me!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I LOVED Fireproof. I bought it without even seeing it because all of my Christian friends were raving about it. Heck I even posted about it recently :) You can check it out if you'd like.

Fireproof Posts

(Yep, most of the actors were volunteers. Isn't that sweet?!)

Glad you liked it :)
<3 Martha


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