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Winter Wonderland

Woke up to more snow! We just got about a foot from Friday night into Saturday......now there is another few more inches headed our way.....I just love it!

Our Christmas service was postponed until tonight due to the weather.....I really hope it lets up so that it doesn't get cancelled completely........I really am looking forward to celebrating.

Speaking of celebrating......we had G's birthday yesterday and E's tomorrow.........we were supposed to go to New York City tomorrow and see Rockefeller Center/Time Square and all the cool places, but we decided the with the weather, it would probably turn into the trip from H-E- double hockey sticks (as E says).

You see......"big city" and Josh are not so good of a match to begin with. He reluctantly agreed to taking us after I basically guilted him into being a Grinch and having no sense of adventure (*note...challenging a man's risk taking can work to your favor most of the time)

....but thinking about the traffic and congestion, toss in the anxiety of being in NYC at this time of year.....and sprinkle it with another pending storm......hmmmmmmm, I think we made a good decision to cancel. I would hate to have to lance that bulging vein that appears on his forehead when these kind of situations arise.

So this morning......I used the challenge Jedi mindtrick again.....and Josh took Ez and N out sledding. I am looking out the window as I type and it is pretty much white-out conditions. So I will def. let him know that he gets *The Most Adventurist and Risk Taking Dad of the Year* award when he gets back.....and thaws out. I expect them back soon......usually the actual sledding time is only a fraction of the time needed to get the kids dressed and prepared. So I am calculating about 17 minutes of "fun" as opposed to the 45 minutes it took to find matching gloves and boots.

so yes....the snow looks magical to me.....I hope you have a magical day today too! :)

I will leave you with this cute video that I think has a magical feel to it...... I found yesterday when I was checking on the latest updates for the lineup of Soulfest 09 (yes, I am already thinking about next summer) I am pretty sure that Sixpence None the Richer is playing there too. (you will need to pause my music player)


Jason DeStratis said...

Hey Michelle, it looks like you're a fan of the SoulFest. Just thought I'd pass along a link to our new blog: http://thesoulfestblog.blogspot.com Sign up for updates by email or RSS reader.

Looking forward to the SoulFest!
- Jason


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