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Three Things This Thursday

No words.....
(N's latest craft for our David and Goliath lesson sums it all up for what I feel)

2. Josh and I did some serious spring cleaning this week. Well, we didn't actually set out to do it......it just kinda snowballed (or should I say, dustballed) into happening. See, we finally bought some new ceiling fans. Our old ones worked OK, but they didn't have a light, so only having one lamp in the living area....let's just say "we live in the dark" for the most part. It's OK with me, keeps our electric bill down and I love the look of candles instead. But it started to become a safety issue when company would come over at night and I needed to walk them over to the couch.
So our tax return came in.....and of course it would surely burn a hole in our pocket if we didn't start spending it. KIDDING! We do treat ourselves to a little home improvement each year with our federal check.....usually it isn't a treat, an appliance or something major lets go, just around the time the refund gets deposited. God is good like that. He keeps our accounting in check and always provides. (BTW, I am not kidding you....our microwave kicked the dust that evening)

So getting to the fans.......when Josh took them down, there was a dead squirrel on top of each of the blades. At least that is what it looked like. In my defense.......we have super high ceilings, I am afraid of heights.....and we don't own a tall ladder (we borrowed this one from my dad). So yeah, there was some dust up there.
After we saw what a clean house is supposed to look like how it brightened things up.....we decided to tackle all the beams around the house too. TA-DAH!!!

3. Total GoodWill score yesterday.

So H accidentally broke my crock pot lid.....and I'd like to mention that one oval tempered glass cover will explode into 1,564,762 pieces when it hits your tile floor.....in case you are wondering. Another little tidbit of information is that they do remain in perfect little cubes that resemble diamonds, according to N, who wanted to keep them in her jewelry box.
So being my frugal self.....I was am determined to find the lid somewhere other than EBay. Well, I did find it on Ebay here.....and it's only up to $1.26...my kinda price. But they are charging almost $17 to ship....no thanks. I'll hold out for yard sales, thankyouverymuch.

anyway.....I ventured off to GoodWill in search of this lid....no dice. But.....I did score a two piece Hanna Andersson coat with matching snowsuit/overalls for N! Sized perfect for next year.

So, I did my GoodWill routine inspection.

look for any rips. check.
zippers working properly. check.
then the scary part.....smelling it. no smelly mothball odor or mustiness. check!

Best part.....Wednesday is half price Family Day.
Final cost for set. ..........drumroll please..........$3.50!!!!!!!!

and slipping in one bonus "thing"......I'll remind you all, once again.....last time, I promise.....that you really should enter my giveaway.(picking winner tomorrow! :)

and one last other thing....... I am a little miffed at the LOST writers. Not only was I devastated that it wasn't on last night..... don't they know I base a good portion of my grocery list on my Wednesday night snack spread?!

OK.....so that is a wrap. Please leave the link to your blog here (or feel free to leave a comment).....you surely must have three things to be thankful for, brag about, make me laugh!


amanda said...

sounds like a fab goodwill score. i wish we had stuff like that at our goodwill. ohhhh and i love the open beams in your house. :0) and you just may have won something worth 'jumping' for on my blog. i'm in the middle of posting now.

Anonymous said...

Stopped by to say CONGRATS on winning the prize from Amanda's blog :) you're a lucky mama and your comment cracked me up LOL

P.S. I went to a Goodwill in my city for the first time (I have a thrift store phobia) but I immediately fell in love with it, it had so many trendy clothes. No body lice on it too!! I hope *crosses fingers* who knew?!?

Great blog, keep up the fabulous work!!

Lynds said...

Yay on the score at Goodwill. My crockpot is almost the same as yours, different lid style. Got mine when I got married 7 years ago, I love it. **hearts**

Congrats on winning over at Amanda's blog!!

sherri said...

I love your blog! (I sneaked a peek while I was at work today.)

I'm also a bargain hunter, and I love crockpot cooking.

You're a great blogger!

I think we have lots in common- looking forward to hearing more from you.

Anonymous said...

Hi toots, I am a proud new follower of your lovely blog so you will be hearing from me more often :D odd humored ladies unite!!


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