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Three Things This Thursday.......(not so LOST now, fuzzy feelings and more)

1. *not* as LOST anymore!

OK, so last night, some light was shed on a few things....
  • Amy's baby is the super creepy Ethan?? I was trying to figure out the year and how old he would be when the original Oceanic flight crashed and he seemed older than 30....didn't he? I guess that island isn't so kind with aging gracefully (think Danielle.....eek!) .....unless you are Richard Alpert, but he is a totally different story.....or time......or who knows what.
  • We discover that Jack, Kate and Hurley are explained "when they are" and get integrated into the '70s Dharma Initiative.
  • We see that Jack is not a fan of being told what to do. (not that we didn't know that already, but he is having a wicked time not being able to call the shots)
  • Time travel can seriously affect your medical degree qualifications.....did you see Jack's face when he was handed the "workman" uniform (janitor) based on his qualifications?
  • The small island is definitely current year......main island is 1977.
  • We learn that Sun still has that eerie cold spot in her.....not a flinch from that woman when she whacks Ben and simply replies that she lied. But explains that it was definitely Lapidis and her who took the boat, leaving Ben who eventually ends up in the infirmary with the other injured passengers from Flight 316 (where John Locke tells Caesar that he is the man who killed him)

  • Where or when is Daniel Faraday......Sawyer, er LaFleur says that he is not there "anymore" when Jack asks about him
  • What year is Sun and Lapidis in when they get to the main island and see our friend Christian Shephard? I am assuming it is current time as the buildings look run down/deserted and Christian tells Sun she has a long journey to get to Jin. So people are on the same island but experiencing different time lines??? Some people are saying that this might explain the "whispers"......fah-reak-key. (and not sure I can wrap my ADD brain around this, but I'll try)
  • I was under the impression that Caesar and Illana knew each other prior to the flight. (the way they interacted when he was exploring Ben's old office a few weeks back) But when they crashed, that didn't seem to be the case. And have we ever been told about who she is and what the deal was with Sayid? She didn't look too freaked out when the plane started going down......now, the flight was on its way to Guam.....so I was assuming that she transporting Sayid to a prison there, but if she was "on" to the flight's real destination, why did she have Sayid? I dunno......I think I am missing something, please enlighten me if you know!
  • If pre-teen Ben meets Sayid, Jack, and the gang.....and then ends up wiping them out when he flips sides with the Hostiles.....then does the Purge......is he trying to recify killing them, but then if he did.....how would they have ended up in 2004 on the Oceanic Flight? BAH! I am getting too confused now. So Ben is basically living in two timelines right now. As a gawky yet a little creepy boy on the main island......and a banged-out very creepy man on the smaller island.
Final collecting thoughts on this......First, I just have to say that minus the Hostiles, smoke monsters and the freaky experiments.....I would totally LOVE to be part of a little community on a tropical island back in the 70s.....now that is my kind of living. Oh, and I loved Kate's shirt. SO ME!
Second.....I am getting a little anxiety about the whole Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet love rectangle. So many possibilities......and both Kate and Juliet can do some serious butt-kicking so I am betting there will be another brawl coming soon.

And lastly.....some of these message boards have people who are diving DEEP into this.....but for some reason it bogs down my computer and takes forever to get from post to post, so I am going to have to keep coming up with my own theories right now. If you have any cool place to dish LOST, please let me know.

Oh, and funniest line......Hurley to Jin.....Dude, your English is awesome!

OK, on to
other things this Thursday.

2. I don't know about you.....but I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I see this. Well not necessarily a refrigerator that needs a little organizing and maybe some wiping down...but the fact that it is pretty full! Living in this house of six.....and being out numbered by bottom-less pit teenagers....this is one of those rare sightings. I can guarantee you that by tomorrow around this same time.....there will be 50% missing and most likely will def. need more than just wiping down.....but let me relish in this moment of feeling like a good mom and housekeeper with a fridge full of goodies. I felt like June Cleaver last night. Note that there are lunches already prepared......fresh fruits and veggies.......and my left-overs are properly packed up. If you look closely, you will also note the Nestle ready-to-bake cookie tub waiting for me spoon into often. I mean....of course,er.... to bake a delicious tray of cookies. I would never imply that I eat raw cookie dough or anything, especially with all those horrid warnings of raw egg/salmonella....nah, not me! ;)

3. Another warm fuzzy feeling was had by me when I came back from said grocery shopping trip to find this waiting for me........I scored the new Third Day CD with a *free* tee for only $13 with my last ChristianBook.com order. I needed to get N a new homeschooling worktext so I treated myself as long as I was paying for shipping, right? Is it bad that I grumble on $8 to ship one book and a tee/CD??? I searched everywhere for a free ship code or some sort of discount....nada. I do have a few other things to order if anyone has one to share (*hint hint, nudge nudge) Anyway.....I have this awesome CD and I cannot wait to blast it......somehow good worship music makes house-cleaning (and most certainly refrigerator cleaning) much more enjoyable. If you can use enjoyable and housecleaning in the same sentence.

OK.......so what do you have to share this week? What's in your head about LOST? Feel free to share your link here or leave a comment.....I wanna hear what you have to say!


amanda said...

enjoying the new cd?!?!? i LOVE it. i got it at their concert. and borrowed it to a friend yesterday to listen to. i'm missing it already. oh and i mailed out something for you yesterday. :0) btw. your word veri is "opockets" it feels like some sort of swear word. lol.

~*Michelle*~ said...

The new CD ROCKS!!!!!

LOL about OPockets. Sounds like a new term for the "G-spot" doesn't it? LOL

Catherine said...

Yeah, I wonder how long it's going to take Jack to completely screw up everything at Dharma? I'm sure in some way the Purge is even his fault. I can't stand him!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i have never gotten into Lost. i knew it would drive me over the edge so i just never watched it. not to mention i'd have to find more time. :)

Sarah Eliza said...

I don't really like battle-hardened Sun either! Everyone's all like, "go sun!" but it just kind of makes me sad... she seems like a different person.

And with Christian bouncing in and out so much these days, I really want to know why Claire hasn't made a reappearance too...

Karen said...

I think Sayid is going to get his revenge for losing Nadia by going after Ben and his pre-teen love interest. Just a guess...

I can't figure out why everyone else time-traveled except for Sun and Ben, other than the fact that they were specifically not wanted on the island (Sun by Jin and Ben by everyone.) I don't know! And who boarded up all the buildings if they were abandoning the place? And is that really Christian Shepherd or someone else using his conveniently lifeless body? And why is Locke still alive? And why did Ben talk him out of suicide only to kill him ten seconds later?

So many questions!

Bay said...

I don't know if my link is working or what, but saw your comment on my post and thought I'd stop by. I don't think as "deep" as you do about things, I just go with the flow. lol. My post is like, "oh I liked this, liked this", hehe.

It did seem like Cesar and Illana knew each other when they were at the Flame station, but now we see that they don't really. I can't stand Cesar and don't understand all of his hostility so early in the game. lol

jen said...

Catherine does not have warm fuzzy feelings about Jack, apparently.
I agree that Ethan looked WAY older than 30. Try 45.
Blushing a little from the G-spot comment. HA!!

Kelli said...

I love reading other peoples thoughts on lost! It is nice to know that everyone else is just as confused as I am!! I loved when creepy young ben says "My name is Ben"!! It was so ominous!! I haven't seen the new Third Day CD. I may have to go check it out this weekend!! I clicked over from the Block Party, but had to comment on this post b/c of lost!! Have a great weekend!

Deanne said...

Lost. LOVE IT!!! Oh, there is an blog friend that I know that does a recap on the Disney web site (although she won't be doing it this week), she always posts a link on her blog....http://ohamanda.com/ I like her thoughts on the episodes and it's also a great place to get others takes on what happened (if anyone can figure anything out, that is) :)

Oh, and my favorite line of that episode....Hurley - "I vote for no camping" :)

One more thing....did you know that Jorge Garcia has a blog???


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