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Three Things This Thursday.......(Lost thoughts, tips

So let's bang out these Three Things th is Thursday......of course, starting with Lost!

1. So who else was getting annoyed with the three year ping-pong game? Geesh! Just when you get settled into the storyline.....they time warp on ya. So let me get this straight....from this point forward....the island is somewhere in the late 60s/early 70s? Sawyer, Juliet, and all the ones left behind, let's call them Lefties.....have now merged into the early Dharma Initiative research team/compound and took on new identities pretty much.

Things we find out that women are able (at least at this time) to deliver healthy babies, but who is this baby that Amy delivers? He's got to play some role. We also see Charlotte as a young girl confirming that Daniel was the scary man who warned her about not coming back.

So a few questions......if/when Ben returns to the island.....will he see himself as a young boy or does the whole story change now?
Who else is anticipating Juliet getting dumped again for Kate? First Jack.....now I bet Sawyer. maybe not, but this love rectangle is crazy.

Ajira Airways Flight 316's crash is current time as far as we know.......right? Or is it? The confusing thing, is that when last week's episode was played last night with the "enhanced captioning".....it said that Caesar was in Ben's office. So they cannot be in the 1970ish timeline if Ben was still a child. ???

So here is a theory that is bouncing around (I've made the mistake of checking in on some Lost message boards...if you think I am into dissecting this show.....I look like a preschooler with this bunch!)....is that Ben is manipulating everyone to get back to the island so that they can change the course of events (being in charge) to prevent the "purge" (Hostiles/Ben wiping out his Dharma people) from ever happening.

Also......what the heck happened to Rose and Bernard? If they are warped back in time (assuming they are still on the island somewhere).....what was their fate? Here is one theory.....and it takes a moment to wrap your head around this one. Remember after the original crash the survivors went to the cave (2004 time) and found the two bodies they called "Adam and Eve"? Hmmmmmmmmm?

OK, I am too tired to figure out anymore.....this episode was a little hard to figure out as far as lining up the times and what affects what.

Funniest Sawyer reference.......calling Daniel "Plato".

OKAYYYYYYYY........onto two other "things" this week:

2. To Do List tip: I found this tip from another handy blogger.....a simple way for unorganized people like me to approach my "to-do" list without getting overwhelmed.

Two words, well one hyphenated word.


So you write each thing you need to do on a single Post-It such as bills that are due, phone calls to return, etc. I have them stuck on the inside of the door of my computer armoire. Then I take them down as I complete them. Great for two reasons.....one, for a brain on overdrive like mine (remember pinball reference?)....the single tasks rather than a long list of them is far less overwhelming. You get a sense of reward as you take them down. And secondly....I constantly LOSE my list or have random lists around the house.....so this system keeps it all together and organized.
Ironically, I got this random package in the mail yesterday that was addressed to my business......from Staples. There is a new store that just opened up so this must be one of their marketing techniques. Smart! In the package was a little pen, a $5 gift card and a small pack of Post-Its.

3. If you homeschool......or just like to add some learning at home.....The Dollar Tree Stores have TONS of resources such as workbooks, Bible sticker sets (they also have these full length Bible Story DVDs by Max Lucado), word strips, reference posters for time telling, math facts, etc......all for a dollar each. (hence the name Dollar Tree.....but some "dollar" stores, like Family Dollar are not all items a dollar, right? Which makes NO sense.....why call it that?! annoying.....anyway). I also scored bags of cat food, ceramic cereal bowls, body wash for the boys (they don't have my handmade soap addiction thankfully) all for a buck each. How can you go wrong?

So I thought I would pass that along if you haven't ventured in a Dollar Tree store lately.

OK......have a wonderful day.......Friday and the weekend are on their way~

If you feel like popping in with some Lost thoughts or maybe three random things......please leave your link below or leave a comment! :)



amanda said...

i love the dollar tree as well. at least that's ONE thing our states have in common. and NO they don't sell cheese at ours. :0) oh i thought of one other thing they have in common...TWO really SUPER cool bloggers. :0) i should venture to the dt though. i haven't been there in awhile but got amelya some workbooks and such. hmmm. dollar store trip. :0)

Lynds said...

*covering my eyes on lost* We won't get to watch until this weekend.

Great idea with the post-its! I use them for school daily, if we don't get something done, it goes on a post-it for the next schedule so I don't forget, never thought to put it to use for other daily item.

Woot! on the max lucado! adore that man! I haven't been to a dollar tree in like 10 years. Wouldn't know where to find one even, but we heart max lucado. Reminds me of a story of him and his kids and a convo with my mom, ill have to post it on my blog in the next day or so.

Karen said...

I was out last night with the youth group I work with, so I haven't seen last night's LOST yet! Gasp! But I'll pop back in with my thoughts later on after I've gotten to watch it. (For some reason, they frown on that at work...)

But the Dollar Tree is awesome for finding random cool stuff, isn't it?

And I LOVE Post Its. Best. Invention. Ever.

Sarah Eliza said...

Lost was so good! Loved it, but soo many questions. I actually was just wondering about Rose and her husband too, and how the new plane crash folks appeared to be in the present day before... Now that I know about the enhanced captions that totally confirms it. Confusing! But all the theories are part of the fun, so I'm pretty ok with it still. :P

PS, Your blog is so pretty! Really like the layout and all, I'm glad I stumbled across you!

jen said...

Loved this episode of lost.
I like your three things thursday. I just found it, I'll have to link up in the future.
I am also a fan of the dollar tree.
Great stuff.


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