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fresh start

There is something about waking up to a fresh blanket of snow that brings new hope.......a fresh new start. Now toss in it happening on a Sunday morning.....I don't think it can get any better than that. This is what I saw out my bathroom window this morning.

I am definitely ready for a new start this week.....I want to put the stress and short-temperness behind me and declare that this week will be different and full of peace and happiness. I am heading out to church right now, and know that I will confirm this when I have a nice long talk with The Big Guy upstairs. I do talk to Him often and don't need church for that.......but somehow when the worship music is playing, and I have no other distractions.......I get my own personal time with Him. I am guessing He will be giving me a much-needed pep talk too, about my attitude lately.....something that I know I need.

Something that is so wonderful and funny about kids and snow.......N came busting in the room with the news of the snow. It really is only an inch or so, but in her eyes/mind.......this is snowman time. Not so sure if we are going to get a snowman out of this, maybe a snow squirrel or something for today.

Another funny thing.....She watched A Christmas Story with Josh the other night. Apparently, she not only was traumatized by the neighbor's dog ear being stuck in the door.......that kid's tongue sticking to flagpole made a lasting impression on her. So much so, that she was having major concerns this morning looking out the window at Strep and the gang while they perched on the fence. She was so distressed with the thought of their little chicken feet having the same fate. I had to assure her that it wouldn't happen, although after she mentioned it, I kinda thought she had a valid concern and double checked on them myself.

So whether you woke up today to a fresh blanket of snow.....a beautiful sunny day.....or even rain.....I hope you enjoyed a day of peace, rest and a renewal of your spirit.




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