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Lucky Friday the 13th!

So hello there! It's Friday the 13th!

OK, I am gonna lay it out.....I don't buy into the unlucky "Friday the 13th" shpeel......do you?

13 has always been fine with me......

I mean, it usually takes 13 steps to get up stairs (not that I am OCD and count or anything)....
a baker's dozen gives you the bonus donut (not that I ever eat donuts or anything like that)....
you are now officially a teenager at 13....and can finally watch PG-13 (of COURSE I am a fine example of a parent who abides by those ratings.....most of the time)
hey, the US started with 13 colonies (can you tell I have been brushing up on my history for homeschooling?)
There are 13 guns in a gun salute (I cheated and found this on Wikipedia...do you really think I would know this off the top of my head????)

So yeah, what's the big deal with this 13 being so bad?

I want to think it all started with some poor soul who woke up on the wrong side of the bed one day. It happened to be a Friday and happened to be the 13th of the month. Then he probably dwelled on everything negative and created his own doom and gloom that day.

But get this....I googled and look what I found at, again... Wikipedia

According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, an estimated 17 to 21 million people in the United States are affected by a fear of this day. Some people are so paralyzed by fear that they avoid their normal routines in doing business, taking flights or even getting out of bed. "It's been estimated that [US]$800 or $900 million is lost in business on this day"

I don't know if I am blown away by the 17-21 million people who actually are affected by this superstition......or that there is an institute who spent money researching it??!?!?

Feed the poor, cure the sick and give shelter to the homeless vs. spending money to study people who are avoiding walking under ladders or stepping on cracks on a particular day. Hmmmmm, prioritize much?

anyway.......I do not subscribe to superstitions....I don't give the term "luck" too much credit....I mean, I use the term, but in a casual way. I use it more with the reference of statistics, ya know? I always say that I don't believe in fate or coincidence either....in fact, those terms make me cringe.

I saw this one time on a church billboard and I loved it:


Isn't that great?

If you really want to dig deep...."luck" dates back to people who worshipped the Roman goddess Fortuna (guessing that is where Lady Luck comes into play).....but I won't get all biblical on ya....let's just say that I don't believe in blaming what goes wrong in our lives or activities to "bad luck" and I don't attribute our successes to "good luck". I feel that I am blessed with God's favor and grace.....not luck.

So today is business as usual....and I certainly am not going to allow some calendar date to be the overseer of my day. I am not going to let it speak negativity or paranoia into my mind. I have a much better Guide for my life. *wink

OH, and today I am getting the chance to bless someone with a little treat......it's giveaway time!!!

I got this groovy tip from Amanda who got the groovy tip from Miss Jill who has a fantastic blog with helpful hints and tips....who helped me pick a winner from the great bunch of groovy bloggers who entered my giveaway........and the winner is........... Condos Blues!

So come on down Miss Condo Blues and let me know what you would like from either business and I will hook-a-sista-UP!

Also on the winning subject.......I also was very lucky blessed that I won Amanda's giveaway yesterday! She was so awesome to offer a *FREE* three month membership to Jumpstart.com and we can totally incorporate this with our homeschooling......so YIPEEEEEE for us!!!!!!!

Another great reason that today is a good day.......is that tonight, there is a Parent's Night Out/Fireproof movie night. Although Josh is working (blah)....I am still going to go. I can drop off all my kids (and I am sure a few of their friends) at 6pm....the younger kids are going to have a night of gymnasium games planned as well as their own movie time and making ice cream sundaes. My older boys will be going to Ground Zero and I will have 1 1/2 hours to myself until the Fireproof movie starts. So it is a toss up between browsing through Target (could be dangerous on my budget)....or maybe hooking up with a friend for a quick appetizer at Chilis. Hmmmmm, decisons decisions! Either way.....we are all looking forward to tonight! :)

Well that's that....I hope you proudly and confidently stomp on those cracks in the sidewalk today!!!



Martha said...

Oh I don't believe in superstitions and luck, I don't buy into magic. Even the Bible warns us about magic and people who foresee into the future.

Although, I do remember ending up in the hospital on Friday the 13th when I was pregnant. I thought that was odd ;)

It's okay to get biblical on us, I think we expect it since your blog is named after a verse from the Bible lol. Being "Biblical" it's not a bad thing, in fact, we need to see more of it from society nowadays :D

By the way, thanks for the cool tips about Friday the 13th!!

~*Michelle*~ said...

@ Martha

Hey there friend!

I made mention of not getting "biblical" because I never want to come off as too preachy in your face, ykwim?

I am just a not so random mom trying to do and say what God places in my heart... in my random day-to-day life.

Oh, and just a little blib about what I chose that as my blog name.....I love to take the time to see God in every creation in our world....from the tiniest of insects with their beautiful colors.....to the awesome sunsets on His majestic mountains. He loves us so much to give us such beautiful things to look at. Think about it.......He could have made our world boring and just shades of gray, right?

Have a great day!

amanda said...

:0( that's me. boo hoo. for not winning. oh well. today isn't my day. IF i believed in luck..today would be the day of bad luck. 12 dollars overdrawn in the checking, a washer that's broke...oh boy. but i haven't checked my mail. maybe there will be a bagillion dollar check in it. or not. but maybe a something from you. :0) that's me. smiling. because i might get something other than a bill in the mail. unless it is a bill from you...for being my friend/psych. oh dear. :0) this is me still happy. because. well. god is good. **darn to me for showing you that groovy trick, maybe you could've just picked out of a hat, then just put my name in all the times...** lol.

sherri said...

It's funny, when good things happen, most people say they are "lucky".. When bad things happen, they blame it on God!

I'm with ya' on the luck thing. I'm not at all superstious, but sometimes I still use the word "Lucky" when I know I am really blessed.

This was very interesting though.

Smockity Frocks said...

You won my free poster print giveaway! Congrats! I'm forwarding your email to the company and they will contact you about sending it.



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