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Three Things This Thursday....(a giveaway and my mind is blown away)

1. LOST.

OK, I woke up with a cramp in my jaw from sleeping with it dropped open.

My brain is on overdrive trying to figure out how young Ben could possibly been killed and how the story line would plan out or exist for that matter. I will admit that I even had dreams of chaos.

So because I have no clue about how this possible play out in this story....if Ben didn't exist in the present day.....how could all the events have played out. I am just going to take the simple route and believe that young Ben does not die and that the island heals him. That is how he is deemed
"Special" and becomes the leader eventually.

We def. saw character parallels with Sayid and Ben.....both growing up with not so healthy father figures. They both have this dark side to them......still trying to figure out which one thrives with the darkness and which one is fighting it.

There also was a parallel with another character who was one of my favorites. Mr. Eko. Remember how he killed that man for his brother when they were young? I hope he visits again with Charlie, Boone, Libby......hey wait! I seriously just thought of something. Maybe this whole young Ben dying and altering the future would explain why dead people are still hanging around and visiting. Like they are in limbo land or something......hmmmmmmm.

It's totally apparent the young Ben sent that bus blazing for distraction.......(funny line when Sawyer mumbles to Jack about it being three years with no burning buses, ya'll back for one day.....)

Guessing that the woman who is taking Sayid to "Guam" was really duped and hired by Ben to get Sayid on that flight. I just don't think she knew about what she was getting into by the way she reacted when the plane crashed. Or maybe it was Charles Whidmore who hired her?? *sigh* I cannot figure this out. These writers are GOOD.

not that we don't have the ultimate question about how this is going to affect the rest of the story.......but here are a few others to ponder.

  • how did Sayid get his butt whooped by a girl?
  • is Sawyer "re-born" in his new LaFleur life and will he stay loyal to Juliet?
  • with Sawyers love of reading......I wonder.......did he start the "Others" Book Club?
  • speaking of books....not that I remember my middle school days, but my husband and son are seeing "A Wrinkle in Time" thing going on.....
  • Is it just me....or is Radzinsky (paranoid Dharma dude) is probably the most annoying character yet?
  • will somebody please find Daniel Faraday to at least explain stuff to me?!?
OK, that is enough for me....I am seriously going to try not to decipher any more of this as it is making me crazy....hopefully it won't bring back the nosebleeds!

**jumping back in here....after reading some others' thoughts on Rocks in My Dryer.......it's quite ironic on how young Ben trusts Sayid, only to have him shoot him....as John Locke trusts Ben, only to be murdered by him. hmmmmmmmmm?

OKAY...........Onto two other things this Thursday~

2. This just popped into my head so I have a random offer for anyone who wants to "play".......I have been doing spring cleaning and I am purging stuff. I have a brand new paperback copy of The Shack that I am never going to be able to read......(remember that I couldn't get passed the second chapter......). I was going to drop it off at GoodWill....but I thought it would be a good giveaway if anyone wants it, I would be happy to pass it on.(I must be still in my "Pay it Foward" mode, still chance to get in on that too.)
So......just leave a comment and I'll pick a winner over the weekend. If you feel like following my blog, leave a second comment/entry! ;) Speaking of books, I am going to the Christian Book Distributors warehouse sale this weekend! WOOT! I have never been, but have been told that you can score some fantastic deals there. I am going to try to score the curriculum(s) for next year as well as a new Bible for G. He had the coolest Bible and it has been missing for the past month...I also would like to pick up that Love Dare book from Fireproof.

3. And certainly not in the order of importance.....please continue to pray for sweet Stellan.

OK friends.....time for me to start my busy day! Hope this finds you smiling.

Please leave a link to your LOST thoughts or Three Things you want to share!

peace and love~



everydayMOM said...

I like your theory about Ben being the one who hired the woman to get Sayid on the plane to Guam. I hadn't thought of that!

Great post! My head is still spinning.

Oh... and you really should read The Shack! It's worth the time and a pretty quick read! =]

~*Michelle*~ said...

@ EverydayMom.

I sent you an email explaining why I couldn't get passed the second chapter..(hoping it was the right addy! LOL)

anyway....As far as the Shack...I linked to the post about how I couldn't get passed the second chapter due to a "post-traumatic" issue with my son taking off on me in the Bahamas. Pretty much the worst 5 minutes of my life. So anything to do with losing a child sends my heart/mind into a bad place. I didn't really know what the book was about and when I got to the storyline....I couldn't read it as it brought me to an unhealthy place, LOL.

Thanks for visiting me! I'll be back at your place for sure. :)


Joanna J. said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts about Lost. I love the idea that Sawyer started the book club! I hadn't thought of that! I can't wait to see what happens when someone discovers little Ben's body...or not?

Lynds said...

*plugging ears/covering eyes* Tivo didn't tape Lost (though I double checked it Tuesday night). grr.

Jeremy and I like to swing by here together to read your thoughts. :) Not sure if I told you that before.

Thank you mucho for the blog award.

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Hi Michelle! As always, I enjoyed your observations... I'm completely on the same page as you -- Ben dying would just make everything wayyy too impossibly complicated so I'm quite positive he's still alive. And I'm all about Faraday coming back and explaining things to us... the writers need to get on that yo!

I'm curious what Wrinkle in Time thing your family is picking up on... I love that book!

S. Krishna said...

That Lost ep really was a doozy wasn't it?

Carla said...

I've been seeing a few recommendations for that book lately. Would love a chance at winning it :-)

Bobbi said...

Ah - I never thought about Sawyer starting the "Others" Book Club! I bet you're right. Personally, I think Sawyer drank too much Dharma Kool-Aid!

And I don't know how Sayid let a girl beat him - unless he doesn't want to hurt women after what happened to his girlfriend/wife.

I totally agree with your husband and son about "A Wrinkle in Time" - it was my favorite book as a child and I do see similarities.

I agree that Radzinsky is probably the most annoying character - I just don't like him.

I'm finding it hard to believe Ben is dead because for some reason, gunshot wounds don't seem to kill everyone on the Island - but what do I know?

Great post!

amanda said...

i feel like it's been years since we've talked. :0( but we've been busy. at any rate, check out martha's post about the shack, i found it interesting http://flyawaybirdie.blogspot.com/2009/03/shack.html
((my word veri is harysib, i see hairy sib, my sib ain't too hairy, maybe your is.))

amanda said...

i meant yours is, not your is. and my word veri this time is mistscom i see mis communication. lol. sorry i'm working on lack of sleep and anything could amuse me right now.

~*Michelle*~ said...

@ amanda

Sometimes my sib is hairy....when I am getting lazy and haven't bought new razors.

Miss you too..... my life went bananas for a few days, I am just starting to wind down...only to start a new, busy week!!


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