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Three Things This *1st* Thursday.......

1. We rang out 2008 with lots of good treats........take out pizza (against my better judgment, I went out in the snowstorm to keep our tradition going) and soda loaded with caffeine. Then we cracked into this "vat" of trail mix I made from all the clearance Christmas goodies plus whatever else I had in my cupboard.
We also made these awesome chocolate covered pretzels......*so don't toss, return or re-gift that cheapy fondue set you might have gotten this year. It really worked great and again, we took advantage of clearance priced Christmas sprinkles. ;)

2. One promise I made for 2009......other than our Operation Financial Freedom dealio....is that I am going to read one book a month. Remember, I had great intentions a few months back and dove in full force....but I had a few "issues" with the first book I chose to dive into. I heard all this buzz about The Shack so I decided to buy it. No offense to the author, as I see it's been on that top book list for quite some time.....but for me, let's just say it was a poor choice. I'll try to explain it in 50 words or less. Book is obviously about a child abduction (hopefully everyone knows that and I am not a spoiler). I have post traumatic stress from when E took off on me in the Bahamas when he was three. (turned around to find his sandals at a busy resort....turn back, GONE) I can't go into details as it gets my heart racing.....but let's just say that it was the longest 5.8 minutes of my life. It def took 10 years off of it, not to mention.....I have finally stopped having the random panic attacks a few years ago. You see, I started to heal after a couple of years, but then N basically ripped the scabs off my heart in her toddler days. She "liked to hide".....so yeah....I am one of those neurotic moms who talks through their clenched teeth and has a slightly psychopathic stare in their eyes when their children ask to wander off on their own in a store or outdoor function. So getting back to The Shack.....I was so proud of myself that I made it to chapter 2, and only needing to flip back about 4 times to revisit the characters. Then I got to the onset of the abduction. I tried to press through it....don't know what I was thinking. (well, I guess I was thinking that I made a commitment to read this book, and I needed to keep going). I started to feel my heart palpitate.....then a little sweat broke out. The girl was about 6 and had older siblings......they were camping......OKAY! Hitting too close to home, thankyouverymuch. I am happy to have bought my copy to contribute to "the X million copies sold" factor......but I need to start a new reading adventure on a more positive happy note. A friend suggested I start with The Lineage of Grace Series by Francine Rivers. She promised me it was easy to read and there were no abductions involved. The books are about a women of the Bible who really would appear to be unlikely choices, but were definitely chosen by God to carry out His plan. And you know I just love Rahab's story......so I am gonna give it a whirl. Funny, I was just telling a new blogger friend this story (funny mama whose blog I stumbled upon, and so happy I did and encourage you to check it out too)
.....soI think she might read them also.....so now I really have to commit to reading them. You know....being held accountable is a great motivation. What's even more funny is that I said I would try to wrap up this story up in 50 words or less.

3. and lastly........Happy Happy Happy New Year!!!
.....I am welcoming 2009 with open (and hopefully more toned) arms!

I am adding in the "more toned" comment as I am going to commit (and now that it is stated here, be held accountable) to at least 50 triceps dips off my coffee table everyday.

My goal~ "Madonna arms" (svelte toned like in her Vogue days)
My reward~ a new tattoo. (already designed and ready to go) :)

Peace and love~

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