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I can read! I can read!

OK, so of course I can read....but I really truly enjoyed reading last night!! And I didn't need to flip back to prior pages to get any characters straight. Well, I can't boast about that too much, as this book was more of a "guide" rather than having a story line. But hey, it's a start and I am going to relish in my accomplishment.
I grabbed this book at my church's book store one weekend when they were having a sale. I thought it would be good for the boys (not that they are huge readers either, but "being prepared" and having good material ready is important). I have to admit, the two main reason I picked it up was because of the title and the appearance of the book. It has like a leather like cover with tattered pages.......very cool. Anyway, it's called Live like a Jesus Freak and it is written by dcTalk (whom I later figured out one of the authors/contributors was TobyMac).
It basically like a pep rally for "walking the walk" of Christianity. The tag line "Live Today as if it were your Last" is exactly the tone of the constant message of this book. There are short stories about real life people who took a stand for God. Amazing encouragement and suggestions on how to take the next step with putting your faith to work. It is easy reading and not overwhelming for readers like me......there are only 184 pages, and I read 70 last night.

It is the follow up to Jesus Freaks which I am now going to have to get. And when I went to The Jesus Freaks website, I found out there are more books in this collection. Rock on! I am so excited!

I know to most people who enjoy reading, this is nothing to shout from the rooftops about.....but you have to understand that I rarely am "able" to read, nevermind enjoy reading. I love to learn and be entertained by a great story.....but with the pinball machine going on in my head, it gets nearly impossible to follow along in a story until I get to the point of frustration and giving up. I even have a hard time following most movies' story lines. So to be able to get through 70 pages of a book is one of the simple things in life that I am choosing to celebrate today.

Not to mention it being a book about my favorite subject ;)

So I think I will leave you with this cool video from TobyMac since he is on my mind. If you have never seen him in concert.......I encourage you to find a way! We saw them at The Soulfest last summer.....let's just say that I have been to my share of heavy-metal head-banging eardrum-splitting concerts in my "partying" days......but nothing compares to bands who can be just as loud and energetic. (I even will say maybe louder as the bass actually made E nauseous and we had to move). These concerts bring you to a whole new (and much better) level of "high" by praising God and how awesome He is.

(*pause my music player.....and enjoy. Warning, this might cause you to bob your head to the beat or possiby feel the need to jump up and down like.....well......a Jesus Freak!)

Happy Friday~




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