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Three Things This Thursday.......

YAY for the premiere of LOST, which btw......BLEW my mind.....more on that in a bit.

We had a special LOST Mexican night (not that Mexico and this fascinating addictive series about plane crash survivors have anything to do with each other, but....) to prepare for this most anticipated night. We have been waiting for over 8 months......this was going down with all our favorite food and treats!

1. First I made chicken fajitas for dinner, then we had nachos loaded with salsa and sour cream for the "viewing". My newest favorite tortilla chips are these from Target.....they are so yummy, not too salty.....super fresh. I really love that when you buy this bag of organic chips, you get a bag of organic chips and not half a bag of air. That really miffs me. Oh, and they are on sale this week, 3 for $7. They have all flavors, our favorite is the blue corn with flax seed. I also whipped up a quick batch of G's favorite spinach dip that I probably used half of the family-sized box of Wheat Thins to shove scoop in my mouth.

2. I scored this CD for only $3.99 at Newbury Comics.....used but in great condition! This has so many great artists/songs on it, such as TobyMac, Skillet, Kutless, Superchic[k], Jeremy Camp and John Reuben. This has just fueled me into my overdrive excitement for The Soulfest this summer! Have I mentioned that our camping reservations and tickets are already bought and paid for?!! If you ever can get to New Hampshire and go to this amazing week of worship, music and just pure LOVE and JESUS.....you really should. The first year we went, we were just blown away. The only way we could describe it was that it was like a Woodstock for Jesus.... without the drugs or acid trips.
In fact, if you plan on coming up.....you can crash with us! How cool would that be?!? OK, well not so sure how many more people we can cram in our camper, we are pretty maxed out as it is. But hanging out and making s'mores is definitely doable, right?? We are also investing in a large tent this year so the kids can each bring a friend with them and Moof the Doof (Mufasa) can come too.

3. I don't think I can continue with my Three Things This Thursday and not babble about LOST each week...so if you are a LOST fanatic.....*please* leave a comment with your input....I love to hear theories, opinions and catch things that I might have missed. If you are not a Lostaholic.....I encourage you to go to Blockbuster or Netflix and start watching it from Season One. I will bet my left ovary that you will be hooked. I cannot be held responsible for what this addiction might lead to......late night marathons leaving you hagged out the next day. It might also lead you to ignoring phone calls, avoid making plans at night, and possibly neglecting your family's needs. (well, not that severe, I hope......but you get my drift)

So last night was just so much for my brain to absorb. I will admit that physics was not one of my strongest subjects in class and it looks like it is going to play a huge part in this season. So yeah, this time travel thing is gonna be a little bit of a struggle for me at times. I can see that the pause button will be used often and I will be annoying Josh by asking him to explain exactly what is going on. We all know that I have a hard time following movies that have a normal sense of time, so this time hoppin' craziness is definitely going to be a challenge!

So just a few things to point out. I am happy that Daniel Faraday is going to be a key character this season too....there is something about his quirkiness that makes me like him. I hear Sawyer is also going to be a prominent "shirtless" character.....no complaints here :) I am going to venture that Jin is still alive somehow, by the way thing were worded with that first hour narrative.....which btw, was an excellent recap for people who are just jumping in.

So my favorite characters are pretty much Hurley and Desmond. Of course I love Jack and Kate, Turnip Head (Aaron) is such a cutie.....I crack up with Sawyer's nicknames......I miss Mr. Eko, Charlie and Claire. I hope they make some appearances this season. I have a soft spot for Juliet. I think that Michael Emerson is brilliant playing Ben. In fact, I think all the characters have been perfectly casted.

I will say that I am not a fan of Anna Lucia. Not just her character, but just something about her irks me. I don't know why, well I do know why, but I'll keep it to myself.
OK, but did they think that we wouldn't notice her new big teeth in the more recent episodes? (go check out flashbacks/older episodes and you will see what I am talking about.....sorry, I am not being very nice right now, am I?)

So, I could ramble on and on.......and then I would start to sound like I know these people in real life, or in fact that I really believe that they exist in my life......then you might think that reading my blog is not such a good idea and quietly exit out the back door. I will admit that I was truly disturbed when Ben's daughter was shot last season. I walked around in a fog the next day and couldn't stop talking about it. I was just devastated. I actually had to keep telling myself that it was only a show. uh wow.....not so sure I should have admitted that.

So please post a Three Things This Thursday blurb on your blog and come back and post the link......extra credit for Lost entries! ;)


amanda said...

i do not watch lost, but you intrigue me with the recap!! :0)and mexican...yummy. oh and if i ever get to NH i'd love to sit around the campfire!

~*Michelle*~ said...

As I mentioned.....I cannot be held responsible for any addictive behaviors that might follow if you start watching it.

And have you ever tried s'mores with peanut butter? TO DIE FOR (well, let's wait for the recall scare to be over first)


Crystal said...

Another Lostaholic here. Found you at RIMD. My thoughts and theories are posted up at my blog


Can't wait for next week. There is also a hilarious youtube video about how LOST can effect your everyday life. It's called LOST Addict? Check it out. It cracked me up.

Catherine said...

Michelle you should check out the Lost Dueling Analysis here:


I always read that one because it's funny. They have a live chat today at 3pm here:


My favorite line was Hurley's mom saying "Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?" closely followed by Hurley telling Sayyid to eat more comfort food so he wouldn't have to shoot people. :)

~*Michelle*~ said...

WOW Catherine.....fantastic link! :D

And I did catch that LOST addict video....hilarious! I def. can take this show to an unhealthy level, lol.

Thanks for poppin by!

Lynds said...

i will read and comment after watching lost tonight cuz i know you talked about it lol

C.C. and Double T said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for visiting and entering my contest! Wanted to mention to make sure to do a SEPARATE comment if you link from your blog to my contest, as each comment is a separate entry. Didn't want you to miss out. ;-)

Have a great day!

Lynds said...

It was soooo good!!! I'm thrilled that the recap said there's going to be more answers than questions than season, finally! I loved the same lines Catherine did. We were intrigued by the "church/time" lady who appeared to Desmond that he couldn't buy the wedding ring. I heart Desmond too, and that was wicked with Daniel knocking on the hatch to tell Desmond something... ooh chills! It's looking to be an exciting season, and I'm excited for it!

I too love the casting for this show. And Ben is a great character, man, is he good, is he bad, what is he thinking, is this good, is this bad... can you trust him, can't you? I mean we know in general you can't, but sometimes.. you need to. And what about Richard (eyeliner) never aging? or even jumping time it seems when Locke went all haywire..

I got all excited to have Locke see the plane, I was like, climb up there, knock that bad boy down, and save Boone in the future...


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