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prayers for The Travolta Family

John Travolta and Kelly Preston's son Jett died yesterday....at 16. Please pray for this family. They are not only going to be grieving for their firstborn child, but I fear they will be under attack and speculation based on the fact of being avid Scientologists. Jett suffered from seizures in the past and also was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease at age 2. From what I have read, Scientologists believe that upwards of 80% of illness is psychosomatic and that most illness can only be cured by addressing the spiritual problems that are causing it. (my own Googl'ing research). So the media is reporting about how it was unclear whether Jett was being treated for the seizures or any another medical condition that he had. I am just sad that we live in such a judgmental world, that is quick to point fingers rather than lifting fingers (and hands) up to God for prayer instead.

It is not my job or desire, as a Christian, a mother, etc......to judge the what ifs, could've, should've, would've...... or if anyone is responsible. I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow they are going through. I just want to pray for this family as they have lost their child and need prayers for strength and comfort right now. No one should outlive their child.


Sullivans said...

The fact is that we are free in this country to choose our religion and free to practice it with our children. We dont know the facts and even if he was not treated it was their right as his parents to do so. When the gov't tells us what we can and cant do in our families then that is a slippery slope. I am so sad for that family.


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