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I jinxed myself.....

OK, so I really don't technically believe in "jinxes" (or would it be "jinxi"?).....but remember when I was extra thankful for 99.99999% of my body working the way it should work?

Well, I woke up this morning with that .000001% on overdrive.

Not sure if I went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson in a dream, but somehow I must have twisted and contorted myself enough to tweek my neck to the point where I couldn't move it. Or my shoulders for that matter. I felt like John Locke when I was staring up at the ceiling unable to move. Yes, I am still taking Lost to that unhealthy level where I compare myself to characters and wonder what they would do in my situation. Sometimes I am Kate, Juliet or Claire.....I even see a little bit of Hurley in myself. (although please visualize me with Kate's thighs instead of Hurleys......thankyouverymuch)

OK, back to me and the paralyzed state I was in.....Mufasa was snorting in my face and licking/nibbling in my ears. If this was Josh......it would mean he was frisky. With a 100+ Rottweiller.....it means his bladder is full and he needs to go out, NOW. I normally would have given Josh a shove to get up, but seeing as though he came in super late last night from work and has a wicked head cold......I had to suck it up and do it myself.

I am sure if my departure off the bed was caught on film, it would be YouTube worthy. Basically I moved the parts of my lower body that I was able to control off the bed and hoped that with momentum and the law of gravity..... the rest of my torso and upper body would follow/slither off too.

In my Frankenstein state, I walked into the bathroom. As I passed by the mirror, I realized that my neck was not the only thing that needed a compress.....yikes. Holy puffy eyes, Batman. (yet another factor that I am sure Mike Tyson and I had a brawl).

So I managed to go to the bathroom without use of anything remotely flexible. I then proceeded to left Moof out who appeared to have his hind legs crossed in desperation. I made my way to the kitchen where I grabbed our trusty husk pillow and popped that badboy in the microwave for three minutes. In the meantime, I plugged in my coffee pot (prepared it all last night.....dontcha love that!?)....and reached in the freezer to grab the corn filled bag/pillow that N made at the last homeschooling craft day. We actually have many styles of ice packs such as a special bag of frozen peas and various styles of cold packs that were sent home from our frequent trips to the ER. (remember.....there are three boys born with the "X-treme" gene and a firecracker little girl in this house......we have our own parking spot at the hospital)

So, looking like a whiplash victim, I made my way back to bed and landed like a ton of bricks. I am really not good at being sick or laid up in any way, shape or form. I am stubborn and I don't like giving in to anything.....so to be laying there feeling so helpless was quite frustrating to me.

I plopped the cold pack on my eyes and adjusted the hot pack on my neck. Apparently 3 minutes is way too long as I think I smelled the hair on the nape of my neck singeing. But I was determined to get this kink out as fast as possible. So even though it was wicked hot and a little painful, I turned it around to a "no pain-no gain" thought process.

I started to laugh out loud after envisioning what I must have looked like.

Of course that woke up Josh and prompted him to roll over. He saw the pathetic condition I was in and started laughing as well. We have this weird sense of humor that we cannot contain ourselves when the other gets hurt. (of course we are not talking serious afflictions, just minor injuries that don't require stitches or a cast.... like you see on that new show Wipeout)

So while I was laying there in between the Land of Icy Head and Scorched Neck Island......I morphed into John Locke. You know.......the scene that is shot from above where he is just laying there injured?

So with that.......my brain starts spinning with my Lost questions. I am hoping that some of my Lostaholics friends can give me some of their theories and input. Please leave a comment and share what is going on in your head about it all:

  • Could that little baby in the opening scene be Miles Straume?
  • Who ordered the bloodwork from Kate? It could be Ben to scare her back to the island.....or is Sun?
  • Speaking of Sun.....who side is she on right now? She is acting very devious. What did Charles Whidmore propose to her?
  • When is that childhood friend of Ben........Annie.....coming into this story? You know she has to at some point.
  • I think that Charlotte Lewis (aka "Ginger", gotta love Sawyer) was born on the island for some reason.
  • Who else wants Mr Eko to have guest appearances this season?
  • Jag my memory about who Neil was.....blank space in my brain with him.
OK, so that was just the few that came to mind for the 15 minutes I allowed myself to be laid up.

The thoughts of piling laundry, taxi cab duties and my promise to take N to Claires to spend the $10 she's had stashed since Christmas was the force that strengthened me to suck it up and get my day and duties started.

So I will leave you with this funny clip directed towards people who have a hard time with separating themselves from the world of Lost, like myself:


Be well.....enjoy your weekend and all your flexibility, as I envy you.....Advil is my new best friend today~



Catherine said...

I'm totally confused by Lost, but that's what I like about it! I have read speculation that the baby from the first scene could be Miles, and also that Charlotte might be Annie (which would maybe make Ben her constant?). I don't know how the writers are going to manage to get this whole thing wrapped up in a satisfactory fashion with only this season and one more to go before it ends!

4under3 said...

Ok, I have so many things to say about this post.

First, I tweaked my neck a couple of weeks ago. Felt like a total moron when I'd try and look somewhere other than straight forward. Are you feeling better, yet?

And, LOST! Hubs and I followed the first season, fell off the train somewhere in the second, but are tempted to start back up. Some friends of ours are dedicated followers and gave us the rundown the other night at dinner. Sounds really good.

And, finally, WipeOut has got to be one of the funniest reality shows. I laugh my head off whenever I get to watching some of it.

Peace out, yo yo

~*Michelle*~ said...

Tiff-I totally "feel your pain" with that feeling like a moron. I was having to turn my whole body to answer all four kids' requests all day....I felt the Tin Man who needed oil on the Wizard of Oz.

And yes....you must jump back on the Lost train....I will be your enabler.

Catherine....I was wondering that about Charlotte/Annie..hmmmmmmmmm, very well could be. Stranger things have happened.

I cannot wait for this week's episode.



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