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I've been tagged!

Oh my! I have been "tagged" by a sweet mama who has since become my new friend.....and I am not going to say that I stalked her into submitting into this friendship. Truth be told....I stumbled upon her blog, 4under3 and I just connected with her humor, her general take on life......and her love of Jesus! (def check it out, you will see what I mean)
So, I shot her an initial email and now we are best bloggin' friends. Well, not really.......but I do feel close enough in our relationship to know her laundry schedule and her favorite bath bomb scents. In my world of online friendships, I see that we will be going to Barnes and Noble together for coffee soon and some "fancy book reading". She will encourage me to put on my big girl panties, guide me out of the juvenile fiction section and send me over to the "big people" section.
(of course I am teasing......just wondering if she is squirming a little in her seat with a little concern while she reads this)

So being new to the bloggin world.......I am not exactly sure what being "tagged" is all about. But I am guessing it is something cool and I feel honored. In fact.....I feel compelled to do a parade wave right now. It doesn't matter that I have morning coffee breath, or that I am in my husband's oversized hoodie with smears of pancake batter on it and Hello Kitty jammie bottoms.

I also am not too clued into what a "no rules meme" is......I am going to assume that I can just babble about random things......which, as you can see by my blog tag line......I do alot. But I will admit that being half Canadian French, I can't shake the word meme (mem-may) as an image of an very old grandma with a perfect roller-set coiffure (French for "hairstyle"), her cheeks displaying a perfect circle of "rouge" (French for "red") and shouting out an occasional "sacré bleu" which I later learned is really not a nice thing to say.

* I noted the French translations to sound multi-cultural. Did I mention I was half Portuguese too? I'll impress you with the six words I know in that language next time.

OK.....so here I go....I am a virgin to all of this, so I hope I don't disappoint:

If I was rich, I would hire someone to scratch my back.

I smell everything when it comes out of the dryer.....yes, even my teenagers boxers. The smell of bleach/detergent brings me to a euphoric place of Heaven on earth. I feel like I am a domestic goddess with a cherry on top.......not only are my whites super WHITE, they smell like the blankets/linens you get with your newborn baby at the hospital. total bliss.

I smell my husbands armpits. Again......bringing me to a different euphoric place. (yes, I know I am a little weird, and I am starting to wonder if I should have signed something that protects me from anonymous psychiatric solicitations). I am talking clean, just outta the shower, and good deodorant smellin' armpits. And for what it is worth.....we have been together for over 18 years and still proudly say "when the camper is rockin.......don't come knockin" (oh, we go "camping" alot....and with four kids of all ages.......we have to get creative.....is that TMI for this?)

I sometimes freak out my friends or aggravate my kids with my conspiracy theories.

My house can be upside down (which it normally is) but my kitchen sink has to be clean and all the blinds/shades must be drawn at the same height if they are on the same side of the house.

I have a pretty good case of unmedicated ADD, (if you haven't picked up on with my excessive use of "......", "so", "/" , "( &)"and run-on sentences)...... which causes me to get overwhelmed very quickly. The inside of my head is like a pinball machine most of the time, but somehow I manage to run a couple of online businesses, homeschool, work part-time and keep this family of six running as smooth as possible. The curse of being creative is that your brain never turns off. I have a "back burner list" that is a mile long and an even longer "bucket list".

I have three tattoos with my next one (actually two) already sketched out.

I am not a good cook.....I only have a few good dishes that people rave about.....my chili, my homemade salsa and my granola. Maybe if I become the recipient of another award such as this.....I might be inclined to share my secret ingredients. (this is an award isnt' it?....because I have since brushed my teeth, braided my nappy hair and put on a bra to be more presentable)

I torture my husband by only wearing one sock around the house.

I occasionally will pull a pay back maneuver with my older children for some of the embarrassing times they have put me through, such as when they have acted obnoxious in public places. I, in turn.......have greeted them at the bus with a sombrero, mismatched clothes and a fishing pole. I also have been known to do "donuts" with my super cool minivan, music cranked to 10, in the school parking lot while they wait for me to pick them up. Of course, this is front of half the school and I enjoyed every minute of the horror on their faces.

I have irrational fears that I won't get into....but trust me.

I lose my keys and debit card often.

And lastly, wrapping it up...I am doing the best I can to enjoy this one life that God has given me......I love Him and everything He has blessed me with. As you can tell, I laugh......and often. Another precious gift from Above. I have my share of rainy days........it's not all Beaver Cleaver here and I don't have all the answers. I yell at my children at times. I can be selfish and a control freak. There are nights that the kids have to have cereal for dinner because I was too lazy to make dinner. I have let the TV be a babysitter for an hour so I could just have some "me" time. (apparently more often than I lead you to believe if you read this) I have a hard time keeping my opinion to myself although I try to respect others' choices and decisions.

But, I am so thankful to serve an awesome God and know He loves me even when I fail and fall....which happens more than I care to admit.

All I know is that I will continue to praise and trust Him as He is with me all the way in this journey of life.

peace, love and stay barefoot~

ps. I would like to thank the tens of fans that have brought me to this plateau of blogging fame....I couldn't have done it without you all. Well, OK.....thanks Tiff for the five minutes of fame and making me feel special. Not sure if I did it right, it kinda was all about me.....but then again, that is something I know alot about, so I went with it.

I think I am supposed to pass this award on and tag other bloggers.......right? Can I please relish in the spotlight for day first? I am still doing the parade wave, btw. Aw come on! Cut me a little slack, I am a newbie. ;)


amanda said...

wow. we are way too much alike. i LOVE the randomness...and my blog used to say the ramblings and nonsense of a mommy...etc etc... i too use the periods too much and the word so too much. wow. funny. thanks for stopping by my blog. i hope you come back!! i'll for sure be back to yours!

~*Michelle*~ said...

YAY! Totally cool hooking up with new friends! :D

I'll stalk, er, see you soon!



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