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Friday Fun-Giveaways!!!

OK, so it seems like there are quite a few giveaways I am coming across.....so I thought I'd list a few and ask if you know of any.....please post in my comment section to share the giveaway love!

I will admit that I actually am hesitant to share this first giveaway.......as it will cut into my chances of winning even more.....but I just have to let you know about Big Mama's latest giveaway if you haven't already heard about it. I am not a huge monogram person.....no particular reason why.....it just doesn't "do" much for me for the most part. But these personalized plaques (I almost typed plague) are just awesome and I think I seriously need to win this giveaway. So on second thought.....just visit Engraved Uniques and buy your own and leave the winning for me. :)

Another giveaway I stumbled upon this morning......was from His Heart's blog.....it a brand new copy of a book that she recommends as a great instrument of faith and hope in Jesus Christ. And to be completely honest......I am in a little valley right now and this looks like something I could really use.

I do pop over to A Giveaway a Day blog where Liz has fantastic giveaways every day!!! :)

And lastly.....there is a great giveaway going on for a wicked Canon camera and other awesome stuff.....but the best part is that your donation/raffle ticket is raising money to bring a sweet little girl home from Korea.....Visit A Sister for the Bean for more details. :)

OK, signing off for now.......Happy Friday!




C.C. and Double T said...

Thanks for the link! :-)


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