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Three Things This Thursday.......(featuring thoughts on LOST)

1. To get prepared for LOST.......the kids helped me with this:

I mean how funny is that?!? I saw this at another Lost fan's blog and promised to give her credit So if you want to jump into the Lost Mania and make your own labels, go here. They have so many Dharma products' labels complete with nutritional value, right down to being distributed by The Hanso Foundation

.......wait til Josh goes to take his prescription this morning, the kids even slapped an Rx one on it.

So let's get into some LOST talk......I can only make single sentence comments as my head is still trying to figure out what is going on.....but I think I did get a little bit of headway into the time travel situation.

First, can I just say how cool I thought it was that Desmond named his son, Charlie? The forceps delivery made my girlie parts cringe, though. ouch.

My jaw dropped when we found out about how Whidmore funded Faraday's research......and it fell a few inches lower at the end when Richard said......."Put the gun down Whidmore".

So Whidmore must have gotten off the island somehow, but def. was aware of Ben's status. But Ben only came to the island in the '70s and probably was in the late '80s/early '90s before he flipped sides and wiped out the Dharma People , becoming the Other's leader. (holy run-on sentence, Batman)
But Whidmore would have been gone by then (to have Penny for a daughter in England), right?

I am going to go find the clips of the episode where Richard shows up at the hospital when John Locke was born. Locke tells him his birthdate to prove something right before that big flash came. (Last week, we went back to watch the clip when he visited John as a young boy, remember when he showed him those items.....the compass, the knife, the sand?)
I remember the hospital scene vaguely, the mother of Locke's real mother was smoking the hospital and that stuck in my head.......but I want to watch again to see if I can pick anything else up. I know Richard talked to one of them. Gotta love YouTube.

I laughed when Juliet said Richard was very old. Then it got me thinking......if he has the capability of never aging......why isn't he the leader of "The Others"? Unless his ultimate job is to keep these people/island safe throughout time........hmmmmmmmmmmm.

And lastly.....I am not sure if he has a bad side, you never know........but my heart broke for sweet quirky Daniel Faraday when Charlotte starting bleeding/dying.

Also, what was up with that woman who was on life support...obviously an experiment he did left her in that condition.....and then he left her. She was in that photo, looking like a girl friend, or at least someone close to him. Did anyone catch her name? I am gonna watch it again today.

Edited to Add: I just read this comment over at RocksinMyDryer and I think this mama is onto something huge:

"And what about Ellie, the woman with the gun on Faraday, actually being his mother (Eloise) which is why she looked so familiar to him? Does that make Widmore his father? Are Daniel and Penny siblings or at least half-siblings?"

Oh wow! I can't wait for next week.....please scroll down and entertain me with your ideas and theories with your blog link or leave a comment. :)

OK.....here is two more "things" this Thursday~

2. If you homeschool.....you should check out this national co-op that is free to join. You can take advantage of group buying rates on so many different items. So far, I've taken advantage of grabbing Answers in Genesis and God's World News subscriptions at a significant lower price. They also are going to be offering Rosetta Stone which I think I might grab for N for next year.

3. Oh, and my last random thought is actually a request......does anyone know of a good anti-virus program that is FREE to download (trial downloads OK, as long as they are longer than a week or something). My Windows One-Care trial version is just about to run out (the daily pop up keeps reminding me in a creepy count down kinda way.....like "WARNING" 4 more days and your life is in jeopardy if you don't buy the protection we are offering). I don't have the extra cash to swing it this week........so I need a buffer until I do.
Thanks in advance!

So please join in to this Three Things fun........especially if you have some LOST thoughts and theories to share! Even if you don't share the same addiction/sickness that I do......recipes, bragging pics or something funny will keep me happy too.

Just post your link in this handy Mr Linky dealio and spread the word!


everydayMOM said...

I am definitely thinking that the girl with the gun is Ms. Hawking. I also noticed a connection between her name and Faraday's lab rat.

The thought of Ms. Hawking and Widmore being married had crossed my mind earlier and now it makes even more sense because Widmore funded Daniel's research.



Mary said...

I think you're very creative Michelle....LOL, quite devoted to your show.

AVG Free is an antivirus that lasts.

~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh thanks for the tip. I've used AVG free before, I'll go check it out again.

EverydayMom....good call on the lab rat, but kinda funny if he named a rat after his mom. HA!

Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

I was thinking the same thing about Penny and Daniel being related...and Mrs. Hawking being their mom adds another layer. Maybe they split up and have been "at war" with each other ever since.

My brother and I have a total "Lost" conversation after each episode which is quite similar to your thoughts :)

Mr. Widmore is of course, expecting Ben to be on the hunt for Penny, which is why he told Des to go back to their hiding spot.

amanda said...

i feel so LOST. :0) i don't watch the show so really i am truly lost. lol. thanks for the homeschooling site.

The Momma said...

3 things:
I think that Ellie/Eloise are connected.

Locke's comment "He's one of my people." was excellent, creepolicious LOST stuff.

The introduction of young Charles Widmore made me squeal out loud!

Lynds said...

We loved Lost this week! You have some good ideas and links here. I haven't gotten into reading other sites in a long time. So I just read your blog to hear your theories and others. Otherwise it's just me and jeremy bouncing ideas, and texting eachother during the day.

As for virus. I use AVG as well, and Zone Alarm for my fire alarm. Once in a while I run the house call, which is free. It's found several virus that AVG missed.



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