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Three Things This Thursday.......

1. I finished reading Live Like A Jesus Freak!! I did it! I read a whole book! ROCK ON! And I even started another.....woot! It's just a short book of Max Lucado's writings that I got last summer at The Soulfest......it "randomly" slid off of a pile of clutter on Josh's bureau yesterday when I was continuing on my quest to de-clutter....it is coincidently titled "The Gift" which is totally not random OR coincidental.....more on that later. ;)

2. Sales and Deals! There is an inventory reduction sale going on at the Bath Artisans Soaps shop over at Etsy. We got in that last order and I was really impressed with the quality of this soap. The chunky generous bars last forever and the scents are awesome. Not too heavy.....but just enough to leave a hint on your skin. YUM!
Leann also is offering an additional 10% off your purchase if you mention in the "note to seller" section that you are coming on by from my blog. She also wanted to mention that the shipping charges listed are quoted based on Priority shipping, and that she always refunds the overage if she is able to ship First Class.

Also.....There is another awesome sale going on at Scholastic Books. This is a teachers' special sale, but home-schoolers can take advantage of this sale as well. It is going on until January 31th or while supplies last. Here is the link:

Scholastic Teachers' Store Annual $1 Sale

I ended up getting 10 books/items for $12.26 shipped. Score!

3. Less than two weeks until LOST begins...........there are some great sneak previews and interviews at ABC.com for this upcoming season.........EEK!!!!!!!!! I am so excited I already have Jan 21st planned including the snacks I will be eating. So for all you LOST fanatics........here is a little treat I came across to get you fired up!

So that's it for me..........how about you? Surely you have three random things to share or shamelessly brag about! Join in!


Cajunrose said...

I'm going to have to check out that soap seller. I love handmade soap!

Catherine said...

I love that Lost video! I really like the song too. Josh thinks maybe they are a Christian band, do you know if they are?

I can't wait for the new Lost season, but I haven't gone so far as to plan my snacks yet. :)

Lynds said...

Oooh Lost!!! We heart lost in those household. What snacks are you having? Man we adore Max Lucado too, we have stuff for the kids from him, and adore the kid shows. Do you have/watch any of those? The message in them is just so wonderful for the kids and adults too.

Angela said...

I like your blog!

Wendyburd1 said...

Hey I found you on BSU under CT too, Hey!
Thanks for the Lost tidbit, I own all 4 seasons and have almost finished them all again to be READY, LOL!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Catherine...I am not sure abut The Fray, I checked to see if they had any videos on God Tube and nothing came up (not that that is the tell-all way)

Lynds....gonna email you about the Max Lucado stuff.....we have a few kid books, but that is it.

Angela....cute site!

Wendyburd....popped over to your blog too! Thanks for the visit.



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