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wow.....powerful way to start each 2009 day

So I was looking for a new Bible for G last night....he hasn't been able to find his for the past few weeks and it doesn't looks like it is going to turn up soon. I am quite bummed out because this was a really nice one. It was nice and compact and super durable as it had a metal case cover, very "teen/hip". I got it at Barnes and Noble a few years ago, so I first started browsing online at B and N to find another one.....It kinda looked like this one.....but it didn't have that ugly beer car looking imprint on it. (no offense, but that is just butt-ugly. I mean, I get the "Thirsty" reference.......but it just doesn't seem to speak God to me. Maybe I am just getting old?)
Anyway.....I am not super picky about the Bible I use........I have a big heavy clunky one, but the words are big enough for me to see without pulling it up to my chin and the pages are much thicker than tissue paper. It has tons of highlighted passages and my own cliff notes along the empty spaces......along with some random kiddy art doodle on the back inside cover (remember to always have scrap paper handy when they cancel Children's church)........so it does show some wear, but I like to say it is well loved and most importantly......very used.

But in G's case.......I do have to consider a little "cool" factor when finding one for him. He wasn't too thrilled when I handed him N's children's Bible last weekend as he was heading into church. I thought the cartoon pictures on the cover were delightful.....apparently he didn't. ;)

So......I was browsing on ChristianBook.com and they had some really nice "teen" Bibles. I clicked on one particular one that had this cool leather cover and it had the option for more views. It had a sidebar feature that focuses on a particular scripture on that page and suggestions on how to dig deeper into The Word.....possibly relating and/or applying it to your current life or situation. It encourages you (the reader) to discover surprising things about God, see how God is involved in your life, etc. The sidebar also contains quotes and profiles of famous people of faith....def. a teen Bible that I think would work well with G.

So how awesome that the one page that I was directed to had this powerful sidebar entry. They called it Truth by Candlelight as it suggested to light a few candles and just embrace Genesis 1:26-27 followed by this awesome piece.

You are wondrously made.

Deliberately made.

Not a creature of coincidence.

Not a random consequence.




Crafted by God.

Crafted for a purpose, a promise.

A gift not to be squandered.

Or cheapened.

Or tossed aside by others....or yourself.




Loved in a way that it cannot be ignored.

Loved in a passion that inspires a response.

How will you respond to God's love?

Reject it? Embrace it?

Either way, it's a response.


Respond now....right now.

With words.....or tears....or laughter.

Soak in God's love. Open your hands, your heart to it.

You were made for it.

Oh man.....this gives me chills it is so powerful. I know that it was not coincidence that I came across this. These are words that I totally needed to hear. I am definitely printing this out and putting it somewhere in my bedroom. What an awesome message to read each morning in 2009 to remind me that God has a special plan for me and my life.....and it starts by believing and declaring it each day.

I know this is true for everyone......so I encourage you to do the same....read these words and know they are meant for you! I hope you feel a sense of peace and love surround you as I have.

Happy New Year.......may 2009 be filled with a double portion of blessings!!!!!



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