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Making history.....

Father, we give you thanks for this special day to celebrate the inauguration of our new president. While he was being formed in his mother's womb, you charted every day of his life. You knew from his beginning that one day he would be elected president of our great nation. We ask that your hand of guidance, protection, and blessing will follow him all the days of his life.

Today, he stands before you and before our nation with his hand on your Word to pledge his allegiance to you and to us. We need his help, he needs our help, and together we all need your help, for without you we can do nothing. Will you protect him, and his family today from harm and from evil? As we pray for the new vice president, we ask that your guidance and direction will fill his mind and heart as he assists our new president. Will you protect him and his family today and keep him mindful of all that you are?

From the beginning of the opening prayer, to the end of the celebrating, may your name be praised in the heart of every American. We are so blessed, Father, and we need to remember that our freedom, our security, and our provisions come from you alone. Thank you for a government that is by the people, and for the people. May we acknowledge your presence in all that we do and say this day with thanksgiving and praise.

We ask these things in your name, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Inauguration Day prayer from The Presidential Prayer Team

N's art for today
(sorry Obama for cutting your ear off)

So no matter who you voted for.....it is time to pray for our new leader......may God give him wisdom, strength and protection as he leads our country.



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