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mary, joseph and baby cheesus

N has been wanting to get out in this snow and build snowmen.......but we didn't get good "snowman" snow with this last storm. Instead, we are stuck with that icy hard as a rock crap. You New Englanders know the stuff.....if you weigh more than 75 pounds and attempt to drudge through it.....you better be wearing some tall sturdy boots. Not that I would be stupid enough to go out in my fuzzy crocs to get the mail....... and happen to have my ankles feel like they were sliced up with a dull knife.....no, I wouldn't be that dumb.

I do love pics of snowmen.....they just make me smile for some reason. I don't have one from this winter yet, so I will share what N created a few years ago......I thought it was a family of snowmen that represent herself, Josh and me (note the dready hair)......and was quickly corrected that is was Mary, Joseph and Baby Cheesus.

So I encourage you, if you have snow.....and it is good "snowman snow".....take the time to go out and make one. Feel the wonder of being a kid again......Or maybe grab a sled and take a trip or two down a hill.....if you make it without busting your hip or pulling a groin muscle (again, not that this has ever happened to me as I am still as flexible and agile as I was in my youth.....*cough cough*).....or perhaps when you are feeling the unneeded stress of the holidays, go out, get a little crazy and make a snow angel. Seriously.....you will feel the stress melt away (or maybe break off is a better term)
BTW, E and I suggested that more than a few people at Walmart last night needed to "make a snow angel" with their scornful faces and negative comments and complaints throughout the aisles. Come on people.....it's Christmas!

So yes.....there is no better time to lighten up......and celebrate Christmas for what it is truly about. Forget about what you don't have, and think about what you *do* have. Thank God for what He has done for you this year. Keep your Christmas music turned up loud, make lasting memories with your family and friends....and most importantly.....celebrate the birth of Jesus!!

Joy to the World.........The Lord has come........Let earth receive her King!!!




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