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Good clean fun!

So last night, I headed over to Lili's and we made soap......lots of soap. I know......you are probably imagining a peaceful scene with two best friends, crafting by the wood stove with Bing Crosby playing in the background. (actually, I am totally digging this WOW Christmas CD this year....loving my contemporary Christian artists......sorry Bing).

Anyway, back to this Hallmark moment that you might be envisioning. Children in matching pajamas coloring Christmas cards by the tree.....sipping hot chocolate with peppermint stick stirrers.

*insert that needle scraping over a record to a screeching halt sound*

Now envision this:
We had over a dozen kids coming in and out of the kitchen at the same time.....some much louder than others......some wanting to "help"....others just poking their noses and fingers in our creations. The younger kids wanted to add their own coloring and scents in their attempt to help with a batch.....so please forgive me if your handmade present leaves your skin a nice shade of purple or you break out in a rash.

There was the periodic interruptions when random kids busted in with their cry for justice regarding a turn with a video game or the use of the computer. We also had at least one expected injury due to the wresting smack down that was going on in the next room over. (Did I mention that 85% of our children are boys?) But still that did not stop our progress as the lump/bruise was nothing that a few kisses and a little sympathy didn't take care of.

The microwave was being used in an alternating system of melting the soap......heating up soup....back to melting the soap......now reheat that slice of pizza, but be aware that it isn't extra spices on your slice, it is probably some leftover lavender seeds.

No matter what.....we still had a blast. It's funny how the chaos is the norm when we get together although I'll be honest.....we did need to keep reciting this Scripture throughout the night (Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him ~Psalm 127:3)...but you know, I don't think I would be able to enjoy myself if it were any other way.

So a couple more fun stuff to report:

Today......NO SCHOOL!......although there is not a flake of snow on the ground.....schools were starting to cancel last night due to the impending storm coming. I refuse to say Noreaster, the term used for big North Eastern snowstorms. It is pronounced "nor-easta" and it make me cringe for some reason. All I can imagine is everyone scrambling to get eggs, bread and milk in a frenzy.....is French toast the popular storm comfort food.....but how are you supposed to make it if we lose power? I never understand why batteries and candles are not mentioned as the first necessities.....I dunno.....but either way....woot! We got to sleep in this morning (for me, it was 6:35!)

Also, I am taking my not-so-girly girl to get a very girly treat later this morning. We are getting her nails done for an early Christmas treat!
ETA: we went.....and here they are! She chose Christmas trees, snowflakes and bows. It's so fun to have a little girl to do these things....(and so foreign to me as I am not a girly girl myself)...but my heart was full watching her eyes and smile get wider and wider with each nail being decorated.

And here is a little fun freebie that someone told me about. Free Christmas Music for today at Oprah.com

Holiday Hits 2008 free download

But, I still recommend this WOW Christmas CD (I just noticed it is on sale right now too!) and I also am grabbing the Selah-Rose of Bethlehem CD today for a little gift from me to me.

And speaking of recommendations.......we read this book last night, Noel, that I absolutely love......it's an oldie but goodie if you can find a copy. It's one of those Little Golden Books.

OK, I am gonna jet.....I still have to pick up our family pics for the Christmas cards that I haven't even started to write out. Maybe I should just get Happy New Year cards instead?

I hope you have a fun Friday too~
peace and love,



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