welcome friends.....thanks for popping in my world....
I'd love to know you've stopped by, so please note that the comment section is now found at the title of each post.

Attn: Connecticut, Rhode Island and surrounding areas.....

.......the roads are now safe to travel again. :)

Yes, I finally got my glasses last night. Can I tell you how nice it is to see words on signs instead of fuzzy cotton ball symbols? So here I am.....I am not sure how good they look on me, but I think at least I look pretty smart. Well, that is what E told me..... he picked out the frames. Excuse the frizzy hair and the just-woke-up look.......I have frizzy hair and I did just wake up.

Have a great day.......I am declaring that I will have one......even though I have that old song "I can see clearly now" stuck in my head.

Peace and love


Jason Karas said...

Awww, M! You look gorgeous as always! Really really cool, but with a hippie twist. :)
One thing I noticed though... are the tips of your thumbs square-ish? I don't know that I ever saw your hands before. If you believe in reading palms it would mean that you were meant to work with your hands. (I don't really believe, just more find it an interesting theory. lol)
- Claire

~*Michelle*~ said...

Why thank you, Claire.....I think.

I am just concerned now that I might have hands like a mason. All that keeps coming to mind is Seinfeld's "Man Hands" episode.


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