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Three Things This Thursday.......

So I am gonna try to commit to doing this every week. I thought it would be fun if others did it too. It's a great way to take five minutes (or for me, it takes alot more) and jot down three random things. It's also a great way to "meet" other bloggers/friends. Hey, maybe if you don't have a blog.....this is a great reason to start one! It's so easy to set up (here is how I got started)

Suggestions of 3 random things can be......but of course not limited too.....;)
  • good news
  • prayer requests
  • a great recipe
  • a new craft
  • money saving code/coupon
  • something that made you smile lately
  • "spam" for your own business
  • book and/or movie recommendations
  • book and/or movie flops
  • anything!
If you feel like joining in.......please post your blog link here to share! Think about all the great recipes, ideas, and smiles that can be passed along! :) You also can put this button/link on your blog so that we can can get more friends to join in. I am working on getting the code to show up for you to copy/paste.....email me if the code isn't working or your blog shuts down (kidding! I have no clue on this stuff....I torture Lyndsey for that).

here is the code for your blog:

Oh, and btw...... if you ever need any website, graphic, tech-y stuff done....check out her site DragonflyLily.com.......she is super sweet, super talented and awesome to work with! She did both of my business sites as well. :)

OK so my three things today are:

Easy peasy handmade ornaments.
These are simple crafts that you can do with your kids that make great keepsakes (remember, I am a sap when it comes to handmade ornaments) and gifts for family/teachers/etc. We made these yesterday at a homeschooling Holiday craft day....

  • Recycle old Christmas cards by cutting them into equal length strips, punch a hole at the top and bottom of each strip. Line them up and put one of those brass paper fasteners (you know the kind with the little bendable "wings") through the holes. Then start to gently separate/fan out the strips creating a round ornament.
  • Buy clear ornaments and fill them with that sparkly shredded paper or a few drops of paint and shake em up!
  • thread decorative beads on an 8" pipe cleaner, bend ends to keep beads secure......and shape into a candy cane.
  • we also made these sign language ornaments.......not sure if I think they are creepy or not.....but thought I would share. It is just one of those stretchy cheap gloves (3 pairs for a dollar at most Dollar Tree stores)......lightly stuffed with stuffing material (the real name escapes me, but you know what I mean).....and hot glued into your hand sign. We did the "I love you" and "peace" signs.
.....(and yes, I was tempted to do another hand signal for a few choice people this year......but this is pretty much a G/PG-13 rated blog and I didn't think it would go over too well with the homeschoolers)

The second thing I want to share it that we found out good news with Mical's surgery. Although it appears that it is a serious uncommon infection that requires many weeks of antibiotics/treatment....it is NOT the "C" word and we are so thankful to Jesus that he will be OK. Thanks so much for all your prayers!!! God is so faithful!

And lastly, my third thing.....I would like to ask why I committed to a "cookie swap"......In all my 40 plus years.....I would never imagine I would participate in such a "Suzie Homemaker" event.....but yes, I am becoming quite domesticated and I have two dozen peanut butter cookies in the oven right now. I still need to make four more by 9:30AM. Thank the Lord for Betty Crocker pouches......(and no scoffing.......no-one said that I had to make these from scratch!) And the question of the day is.......why do peanut butter cookies get that tic-tac-toe fork signature? Like what makes them so superior that they get their own "mark"?

OK.....I'll leave you with that......I am off to search the internet for a great peanut butter recipe to attach to the cookie tins. ;)

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Peace and love~


Lynds said...

lol on the peanut butter recipe to attach to the tins. I'm with you though on making things easy, why stress over something that is meant to be fun! Those ornaments look great!

It's wonderful news your friend doesn't have the "C" word, there's too much of that in the world, and I'm glad it's not in your friend's life.


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