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I normally do not post two times in one day.....but this deserves it. I just received this email that Josh wrote and it's too good not to share. You can see he has the same twisted sense of humor as I do.

Last night around 11pm I hear some banging around through the floor like someone was trying to break in the house. Not to worry, we have a 100lb Rottie that will surely devour any intruder that dare come into our home.

As I looked around the floor for him to see if he was already one step ahead of me in finding the source of this disturbance, I found him devouring something, the space where his testicles used to be.

I tried to tell him that from the amount of time he been spending licking his private area, whatever he was attempting to do was either long gone or permanently attached and to stop it before he had a seizure. I mean, who can lick @ something that long before you realize, hey, this isnt working?

SO, I quietly walk through the house, peering through some windows as I make the rounds to find an intruder when I start to hear a noise and some low deep voice talking.

The noise I hear is a slow paced almost wave sound, very repetitive,,,,,,wooosh,,,,,,wooosh,,,,,,I turn down the hallway and start walking towards my oldest son Gs room and sort of lean my ear towards his door. The noise is coming from his room and turns out to be his wave/sleep machine, but I still hear a repetitive deep voice, monotone, under-breath talking.

I knock on his door and open it and ask him if he is awake and if he heard any banging or noises. He said yes, that he accidentally dropped some shoes in the dark and kicked them against the wall.

I nod a few head bobbles and peer over @ his phone and see that it is on his night stand andon and ask him if he was still on the phone this late @ night. I heard talking in here and I thought I told you to go to bed early, you need rest, I dont want you talking on the phone all night,,,, you get the picture.

He said that he wasnt talking and I kind of cut him off and we both were talking @ once, and I was like,hey, no excuses, go to bed, and I heard the wordpraying in there. I asked him w/a puzzled look on my face,what did you say?.

He said, I wasnt talking w/ my girlfriend dad, I was saying my prayers before I went to sleep.

I felt about 1 foot tall.

I quickly rebounded and joked and said,Oh,,,,,wow,,,,um,,,,,uh,,,,was I on your prayer list he, he? He said,yes, but you are on the bottom of the list right now, ha-ha.

I said that I loved him very much and went to bed.

It kinda hit me this morning that when I was his age @ 16 years old, (long time ago,,,) I was not counting my blessings before I went to bed at night, farthest thing from it.

I was counting different things, like the amount of money I sneaked out of my father’s pants pockets when he wasnt looking, or the amount of cigarettes I had left in the pack hidden in my dresser drawer; I was a different type of 16 yr old.

One that I am not proud off at all, but know that because the glory of God and His ultimate forgiveness and guidance, He has given me another chance, (well, 4 chances really w/ 4 kids, geesh!), to turn out some good hearted, believing, loving, and caring children into this world. God knows we can use them right now.

After all, they are His children first, and mine to hold onto for as long as He lets me. I eventually need to turn them free and back to Him someday. When it is time for me to go Home, I dont want to have a face to face w/ Him someday for atimeout or anything b/c I was irresponsible w/ His kids. That Timeout could last a while inGod Years! Geesh!

Anyway, thanks for listening, (as if you had a choice),,,,Love you- daddy

Thanks Babe....we *are* truly blessed. :)


Cajunrose said...

Awwwww Josh...that was so sweet...brought a tear to my eye. You guys are doing a fantastic job!


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