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Three Things This Thursday.......

So today I def. have and will remember 3 things......I think I might try to do this every Thursday! :)

First and most important: Mical (and Lili/family) still needs to be lifted up in prayers.....He had the mass removed last night and is in alot of pain. The Good News is that it appears that the mass was more of a ball of infection behind his lymph node, rather than within......still waiting on results, but surgeons felt the procedure went well. Praise Jesus! Also, in the meantime, Jaklyn (Lili's oldest daughter) is going in for her scheduled surgery today as well....so she needs prayers for a safe surgery with a complete healthy recovery. They also found out that she needs to be seen by another specialist due to some concerning blood test result taken last week. I cannot imagine the strength it is taking for Lili to keep it all together right now, but I know she has God with her at all times and He is taking her through this.

**SMALL UPDATE** no specific news on Mical, other than he is doing pretty good. We went to visit him tonight at hospital and his spirits were def. up! They are hoping if all goes well, he will be coming home as soon as this weekend. I guess they don't wait for any cultures/biopsies to come back and he can be discharged soon. Still keeping him in prayer for benign results.
Poor Jaklyn hobbled in with Lili while we were there, after being discharged from her outpatient surgery today......they did make some discoveries with her surgery that should hopefully keep her pain-free in the future....God is GREAT!!!

Second thing: You know how they say that people wear off on each other as time goes by? Well this is definitely true. I have mentioned on how Josh and I are actually very opposite in many of our characteristics. (again, think Dharma and Greg)......well, he took a few much-needed days off from work, and is clearly showing signs of "Michelle-isms"......and he is not too happy about it.
Let's see.......He has misplaced his keys and wallet more than a few times and this is from Mr. Organization. You see, Josh is kinda like crazy-borderline OCD, for example...needing his dollar bills facing in the all the same direction. I bet if he could put the serial numbers in numeric order, he would.
Then, a few days ago......he was talking on his cell phone to me, and then stopped mid-sentence....then came back and told me that he actually was wondering where his phone was.....(yeah....no kidding). He has been extra klutzy and has lost total focus while trying to stay on task doing random jobs around the house.
I asked him how he liked being inside my head and how I live day to day......he told me it is like a prison sentence. On a happy note, he enjoyed this side of "Michelle" by staying in his lounge pants all day, homeschooling Nev while I subbed at the preschool and cooking for everyone everynight.

The third thing today is that my thrifty online friend Catherine suggested this site Swagbucks where you can earn Amazon gift cards and other prizes just by doing what you normally do on The Net.....searching, shopping, etc. I think she already got one $5 Amazon card, with another one on it's way. Here is the link/button if anyone wants to check it out:
Search & Win

OK, that wraps it up for me today.....hope this finds everyone smiling and well~



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