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Prayers needed for Baby Stellan

If you have been following McKMama's story with Baby Stellan.........there is no doubt that prayers are powerful and miracles do happen.

Well Stellan needs more prayer as he is in ICU with RSV and is struggling. Please take a moment to lift him up in prayer. Prayers for God's hand to be on him and the doctors/nurses taking care of him. Prayers also for his mom, dad and family as they remain by his side during this scary time.

Thanks so much~


4under3 said...

Now I'm "poppin on over" to your site. A Mckmama follower, eh? I get a few delurkers from her now and again. She's a dear sweet IRL friend of mine. Thanks for stopping.

And, great pics for your song choices! And, love your blog. And, peace out!



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