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Three Things This Thursday.......

Hey that title could be a catchy thing to commit too......not so sure I would have three things to really talk about that would be interesting though.

For today, I do happen to have three things :)

First off......we have fertility back at our home!!!!!!!!!! No, not me.....although that is nice to think/dream about.....yesterday I went to check on Strep and the gang's water situation.....and I found this! Yes........our very first egg! It actually is very small.....so cute in it's own little first egg way. I am so proud of my girls..it's like a chicken's right of passage into motherhood.
Strep was not too happy when I went to reach in and take it out. He probably was upset that I was taking "his" child....I guess he has a point in some weird polygamist kinda way. You see, he's got four three wives (we lost Marley, named for her black furry dreads, last week to who knows what.....we are thinking a fox). He actually tried to peck my leg....I told him that I was sorry, but he better get used to it. I've been waiting on these since the summer! Let the omelets begin!

The second thing is that if you don't own the children's book, The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado.....I totally recommend it for this time of year. I am going to be reading it today at our homeschooling class ......if I can pull it off without crying (remember, the weepy sap factor I possess). It's on sale at ChristianBook.com this week too. We were supposed to have a sign language lesson to wrap up The Five Senses, but the mama who was going to come by and teach had to reschedule. So I figured I'd put together a Bible lesson and craft instead. I am going to attempt to make these with the kids too.....again, we need to factor in the lack of craftiness factor). It's another cool craft from Danielle's Place. Not so sure I am going to be able to pull this off with 7-8 kids, with the age range of 5-7.....but I am willing to try. Today seems like we can go outside to collect the twigs and stuff.....so that will let them get some energy out too. We have the hay from the barn....so really, all I need is some fast drying glue ....and three extra sets of hands. I know using a glue gun would be a better idea, but let's just leave it at the fact that me and glue guns are not a very good pair.

Oh, and the third thing.......oh crap.......can you believe this? I cannot remember the third thing. I guess I will have to come back and edit this post....yeah, my mind just went blank...for once ;)



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