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Merry Christmas!

Popping on to wish everyone a wonderful Merry CHRISTmas!

Heading out to grab some last minute ingredients for tonight (I took requests on everyone's favorite treat.....not so sure how a sour cream spinach dip is going to mix with hot fudge sundaes).....and then we plan on watching a few movies for a quiet Christmas Eve together. I still have a couple of presents to wrap, hoping the kids stay out a teeny bit longer sledding. I also am finishing up a few last minute tie dye shirts for friends I will be seeing over the next few days......

Oh, if you are looking for a last minute easy gift idea.......these are super easy to make up and definitely are a one size fits all gift!

All you need is M & M's, a little baggie with some ribbon to make it pretty and print out this great poem to attach to it. We got this idea from Danielle's Place.

These special little candies,
Come in colors bright and fun.
There’s more than color to be found;
A story of God’s Son.

The M’s turn into W’s,
If you turn them upside down.
A few more turns and E and 3’s
Are waiting to be found.

M is for the manger,
Where Mary laid her precious boy.
Little did the world know,
This baby would bring great joy.

The W is for the Wise men,
Who followed a bright star.
The star revealed a king was born,
They came but, oh, so far.

Bethlehem they found Him,
Just as they had been told.
3 is for the gifts they brought;
Frankincense, myrrh and gold

W is also for their worship,
As they bowed before their King,
Salvation is the promise given,
There’s nothing we can bring.

Faith alone is how we come
He died to set us free.
E is for eternity,
God’s gift to you and me.

I hope everyone has a safe joyous CHRISTmas........

Remember to celebrate the most important thing this year.........

God loved us so much, He sent His only Son!!!!!!


ps. I am still following through on my Three Things This Thursday commitment......I am just cheating and have an auto-drafted short but sweet post lined up. :)



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