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from relaxed to overwhelmed in 3 minutes

So much for a nice relaxed day (scroll down to this morning's random thought).......well, I still am in my pajamas and it's past noon. The kids are getting along pretty well and Mufasa is sleeping by my feet. I have most of my laundry done and I even washed the bathroom and kitchen floor. The added touch is some "clean linen" candles burning and I am getting to enjoy my Christmas music with no interruptions.

But my insides are wound so tight, I feel like I am going to snap.

I am feeling so overwhelmed.....and would like to ask if anyone has any words of wisdom to help. As you know.....the world wide web is just so inconceivable in respect to tapping into stories, resources, etc. Just in the world of blogging, you can visit someone's blog who has a link to someone else's blog and so on and so on. If I have some time, like I do today, I like to venture into blog-hopping and find so many talented people....some who can make you laugh out loud, some who share a fun craft, some who inspire you to do greater things in life. Then there are the ones who share their journeys of having sick children who need prayer. These families are displaying such amazing testimonies of faith and praising God "in the storm".

I don't know how to describe how I am feeling other than I feel suffocated at times knowing that for every one story/family I read about.....there are hundreds or thousands more who are going through the same difficult journey.

So God orchestrated me to this family's blog today

.....and my heart is breaking for them. I will lift sweet Abby and her family in my prayers and encourage you all too. God is The Healer.......the Ultimate Physician and there is nothing He cannot do. If you follow MckMama's blog......you will witness that first hand with the miraculous healing of baby Stellan.

I guess I am at a humbling state of being right now....I am having a hard time grasping how to not be emotionally held captive to the magnitude of families who all are in need of prayer right now. And these are only a fraction of them that we learn about through the internet.

So please.....either post to my blog or email me with your insight/wisdom as to how to turn this turmoil of emotions into something I can feel is more productive. I will continue to pray for these families as I know God is the Almighty and everything is part of His plan...... maybe I am in need of some type of prayer to turn this captive feeling into something more encouraging.

If you are still reading, thanks for listening~



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