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Time for a change....

Do you ever get antsy that you are ready for something new or a change? I am not sure if it is because spring is here and the "new beginning" buzz is in the air.....but I am definitely on board for changing things up a bit.

Josh and I are tackling a new section of our yard.....clearing out some land....cleaning up the random items that I swore I would never have hanging around to turn us into hillbillies.....such as an old set of tires, a heap of broken bikes, some extra windows and odd pieces of lumber that I've hung onto because there always is a project that needs that odd piece as soon as we decide to burn it.

Our mini corral fence needs some serious repair.....especially now since Josh was on his testosterone high with his new chainsaw. Something about a man and his STIHL (some hardcore saw company).....just observe it from a distance is my advice. You see....math is not one of Josh's best subjects and let's just leave it that he didn't calculate how tall that tree was when it came crashing down on a few sections of the fence. I loved the look on Josh's face.....who calmly turned to me and said...."Add fix fence to our list"

So yeah, we have changes to be done in our home.....but I am getting the itch for changes with me....I know it starts with dusting off the coat-rack treadmill and start running again. It also is going to include using the As Seen on TV "Flex Band Powerpack" pilates set that includes Intense Sculpting Challenge DVD, regular and extra strength Flex-Bands......as well as an Easy Start poster. neat! (eek....now I can see where Nev gets it from, remember this post?)
I scored this at 75% at CVS, because you know I wouldn't have spent more than $5 for it...

new yard. check.
new body. check.

onto......new tattoo.

Not sure how you feel about tattoos....and it's all good. I respect people's opinions....as long as they are on the same page as me......KIDDING!!!! Seriously....I know some people do not like tattoos....I love what they express.

I have a few....I have a beautiful detailed blue swallowtail with John 8:32 which totally represents how I feel about the butterfly....pretty sure it was one of my first blog posts.

I have a cross with G and H's name in it that was my first tattoo....my big turning 30 moment. I also have a little pawprint that is dedicated to Beethoven.....our gorgeous Rottie who passed away from cancer in 2006 at almost 11 years old. What a beautiful creation from God.

So I have a few ideas on my next tattoo(es). I def. want some sort of "tree of life".....with my and Josh's initials scrolled into the roots.....and then the kids' initials scrolled into the branches. There will be fallen leaves for my angels.....and a dove perched in the branches to represent Our Lord who sits in the center of our family. I want it done in the curly "henna" style, very feminine.....kinda whimsical/paisley looking if you can imagine that.

I also want little curly lines under it to represent a stream....and this all ties into a few Scriptures that it will represent:

He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers. ~Psalm 1:3


He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit." ~Jer. 17:8

So I know I definitely want this tree to represent me and my family....just gotta figure out where I want it. If I had buff Madanna arms, I would put it somewhere on my upper arm......but that is about 1,385,549 tricep dips away. I even might consider a smaller version on my inner forearm......I dunno. I do know it is going somewhere. I am very particular about not looking like a patchwork quilt of bodyart....so I have to get creative with this.

But going with my un-medicated ADD brain......this weekend, I have this overwhelming emotion come over me with Christ's resurrection and it just blows me away.....and I have the image of Cavalry Hill burned into my heart. Just a simple sketch of the three crosses on the hill is what I am imagining behind my neck, I think. Hmmmmm.....decisions decisions.

Please feel free to leave your suggestions and/or ideas on artwork.....and also if you have any tattoos....I'd love to hear about them and/or see them!

So for now......I am tossing around the ideas in my head, trying to get them on paper......

I guess I am getting to that "time for a change" point for many reasons lately......celebrating Josh's b-day reminds me that we are venturing into a new chapter in life...my baby losing her first tooth....life is pleasantly moving ahead....

....and being in that time for a change kinda mode, I did what any normal sane level-headed person would do.....I went out and got a few baby chicks to hold me over in my "need a change" state of mind. :)

You can see that Mufasa is very on board with our new additions too. Although his "on board" might include how good they might taste.

Have a great day!


Martha said...

Yep, you've been hit with the Spring fever :o) welcome aboard, I'm the captain and you may swap the poop deck :D

Those cute chicks look so adorable and I think they notice the dog's foaming at the mouth, you should name them your "Mcnuggets" (giggle giggle)

~*Michelle*~ said...

@ Martha....

HAHAHAHHAHAHAH poop deck. Where is our friend, Amanda (proudmommyoffour)? That is her word.

Yes, Mufasa left a puddle of drool this morning...and I have already pulled two out of his mouth, that he was "giving a ride" according to N.

hee hee

amanda said...

poop. there you go. i said it. lol. i have missed talking with you too! i told shaun and we have been seriously talking about taking a trip to you. well and your family. i told him about your camper in the driveway and how he and josh can talk man talk. shaun rolled his eys and laughed. which is huge for him. he's very quiet. i think it's funny in your email you said barnfire. is that what you call them out there? we say 'bon' fire. which in a ny accent could come out like barn. hmm. anyways i picture a big ole BARN burning down. and i also think that shaun would LOVE to talk farming to someone other than me. who really just doesn't 'care' as much as he does. he isn't as in to his chainsaw as your hubby is, but i'm sure they would have fun talking. and when i gps it and saw that we could use the ferry across lake michigan instead of driving through chicago i got a warm fuzzy feeling inside. lol. i also read your comment on the 'easter bunny' totally lol. and very true. it's a scary concept. i probably should've just emailed you all this. sorry!! but i must jet, amelya wants to go on pbskids.org. :0)

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

I don't know how I missed this post! I'm psyched to hear about your tattoo plans, and it's so cool that it incorporates that same verse. :)

I've been wanting/planning for a tattoo for more than a year now... my big dilemma (besides the cost lol) is definitely figuring out where to put it. I want a celtic style cross, with a claddagh in the center -- to symbolize a life of love, friendship, and loyalty, based in Christ... but I can never decide where I want it for sure. Oh indecisive me... :P

~*Michelle*~ said...

@ Amanda.....one way or another.....we're getting together! You can count on that!

@ Sarah Eliza.....I sent you a pic of one of my tattoos....I'd love to see what you come up with. Hmmmmm places to put it....well, I like places that hurt! LOL
like top of foot, spine areas...ankles....


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