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Three Things This Thursday (giveaway, free stuff and something even better)

So LOST was a recap last night.....I will put a bag on my head and admit that I was having a hard time staying awake.....still the aftermath of mind-racing wakeful nights and knowing that I didn't need to have my precision deciphering antennae up for secret clues or observations

.....or maybe there were some clues with that recap I missed.....please let me know!

So let's get to Three Things This Thursday

1. I am excited to be doing a fun Earth Day Giveaway this week......yeah yeah, I know it was yesterday, but as you can see.....I had something more important weighing on my heart so I was distracted.

I am a reusable bag addict. Seriously.......I buy one at every store I see them at......and is it me or are they getting cuter and cuter? My aunt came over with this adorable one from Stop and Shop with a mama and baby polar bear on it and then I saw these funky ones at Target the other day.
So anyway.....I also went in on a coop recently with Chico Bags and I have one that I am giving away to one of my tree hugging friends.....that would be you guys. ;)

It comes in a little pouch as shown, except this one is olive green. All you need to do is leave a comment and let me know something you do or have that is a great "green" thing. Could be your favorite earth friendly cleaning product, a green "tip" to share.....maybe something like the Earth Day gift we gave to our birds this week! You also can get bonus entries if you subscribe to my blog and/or if you post/twitter/facebook about it. Just leave a separate comment for each time you blab about it. ;) I am also allowing Anon. comments, so please make sure you leave your email addy so I have a way to contact you.

(*Oh, and if you are leaving any tidbits on LOST, that counts too.......just let me know that you want to be entered!)

I'll use that random org thingamajig and pick a winner next Monday Wednesday evening so I can include it with my WMFW over at We are That Family's blog too! :)

2. I found (as in friends have sent along to me and/or tips from fellow homeschoolers/bloggers) a few more cool FREE resources with homeschooling. First, there is a free downloadable (is that a word???......yikes, scary thought that I am responsible for my children's education) book that has 101 Ways to Save Money on Homeschooling. I will tell you that I did download it, but haven't gotten chance to really look at it.....so I cannot vouch for it personally. But I am sure if there are 101 suggestions......there should be able to use at least a couple that could help, right?

Another free resource I stumbled upon was these Bible e-charts at Rose Publishing. Again.......I just found this and haven't gotten chance to know the nitty gritty on the company (and you can see that when I recommend any of these products/resources....I clearly am not getting anything from them, quite sure they do not know I exist, lol).

I did see a couple of charts that I will be printing out such as The Amour of God, Bible maps, etc......see them all here. When you sign up with your email, they will send you new charts every week or so. The only thing I am not sure of is there are some "comparisons" of religions and I am not so sure what that will be all about. But like a cafeteria line....it's nice to be able to just pick and choose what might work for you.

3. And saving the best for last.....although giveaways and free stuff are always good......

is the greatest FREE thing you can get.


That's right folks......come on down (Price is Right style).....God's love is free and He has plenty to go around. (He's got this way about multiplying things and never running out......it's insane!) All you need to do is accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and start (continue) living your life for Him.

"that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." Romans 10:9

Does this mean that your life will now be free from sadness, issues or confusion? Nope. Won't even try to sell you on that idea......But what I will tell you is that you will now have the Great Comforter, The Ultimate Physician, and the most Qualified Counselor in your life that will see you through it all! You will have The Gentle Shepherd to lead, correct and protect you.....The Redeemer who will forgive.

He is the Truth.......He is the Way....He is the Life.

.......and that's my final answer. :)

Have a wonderful day.......if you want to participate in the Three Things This Thursday fun.....please leave your link with Mr. Linky~


ps. Don't forget to enter my giveaway!


amanda said...

ohhhhh i'm the first entry. i hope random.org picks ME!

amanda said...

so because i follow i'm leaving another comment. hoping that random.org will pick either one or two. i could fill your entire comments up with comments from me. but i'll leave it at two. :0) did you watch my video? you get to hear my crazy voice and rambling 'live'. lol. :o)

S said...

Pick me I love Chico bags!! My green thing is to use my own microfiber cloths with my swiffer and clean the floors with white vinegar and water with some lavender essential oil mixed in for a nice scent. Susan :)

Dave @ Home School Dad said...

Love your post as usual. I'd gladly win the bag. That could be epic.

Summer said...

:) We are recycling fools here. Every paper/cardboard/glass etc goes in to a recycling bin.

Denise said...

I'd LOVE to win the bag!! Our green thing is using cloth diapers & wipes. Even greener, we are trying to get our youngest potty trained to avoid any further need for diapers.

Denise said...

I follow your blog

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Niiice, I love reusable bags too! I totally agree that they're getting cuter and cuter.

As for Lost, I firmly believe there were no clues to find, because the recap sucked lol. Also, it made me realize that Lost without the flashbacks is nowhere near as cool.

Anyway, thanks for the giveaway! I'll keep my fingers crossed. ;P

Algebra Teacher said...

Since I have been too chicken to start sewing on one of these bags (I've got some material that needs to be used), I would love to win one. I always feel awkward about taking the Wal-Mart bag into the grocery store or the Piggly Wiggly bag into Wal-Mart. I would really love to have some bags that aren't "store" bags. Thanks for this opportunity.

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

And I'm already subscribed... does it still count?

Oh, and I forgot my green tip -- I posted recently about reusing paper mall shopping bags as little wastebaskets... that's an easy "repurposing." I also just read at Condo Blues about using coffee grounds and egg shells as a kind of natural fertilizer for plants, so I'm excited to try that one!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Twittered about it too! :)


Condo Blues said...

I try to repurpse what I can't recycle. Like Sara Elizabeth said, I repurpose coffee grounds and eggshells as fertilizer in my potted plants http://condo-blues.blogspot.com/2009/04/cant-compost-use-coffee-and-eggs.html!

Anonymous said...

Did I miss it?
Story of my life...

Take care,

amanda said...

i posted it on my blog. woo hoo. now pick me. and i like having a better chance than numbers one and two. lol.

Sarah said...

These are great bags!!

Raising Olives said...

Despite having a large family or perhaps because of it, we do a lot of green things. Cloth diapers, home cooked meals, homemade laundry soap, no shampoo, etc.

Thanks for the giveaway.



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