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So I have been planning a surprise birthday party for Josh who is turning 40 this week......and because he pops in my blog often, I couldn't blab about it......but I so wanted to!

I thought I would share a few photos from the party.......we had a fantastic time and I cannot wait to keep celebrating with my best friend for the next 40 years coming. I look forward to growing old together....and know we will still be teasing each other about age spots and wrinkles.....reminding each other about the Geritol and Depends.....and poking fun about memory loss. I look forward to playing games like "Guess my Prescription"......"Bobbing for Dentures".....or "Musical Walkers".

But for now, in this decade.....we are still standing quite upright, have complete control of our bladders and enjoying everyday of this life that God is blessing us with. Here we are, having fun with family and friends:

Josh walking in.......I think I should fire the photographer.....oh wait, that would be me!

His cake.......this hilarious photo was taken when he was a huge Kiss fan at 12
and yes, I asked the same question......what's up with the trumpet?
The kids and I bought him a GPS.....perfect for the man who never asks for directions :)

Someone got Josh the top 40 CDs you have to own/listen to before you turn 41.....all the musicians were drooling, lol.

my bestest friend Lili and I
a very good turnout....super packed due to the rain cramming us all inside!

family, friends, fun!!!!
random shots of everything

Here is Josh with his Pop.....Josh was told this party was for his dad who also has an April birthday.....so Josh surprised him with tickets to the Jeff Beck show that evening. It was awesome for them to have a great night together to wrap up a fantastic day!

So of course I have tons of photos....but didn't want this to turn into one of those *snorefests* when people show you ever detail of their vacations that you start to lose interest after the first five photos of them standing near a famous rock.....

I hope you enjoyed your weekend....as you can see....ours started with an awesome party on Saturday......and ended with an even better party celebrating The Resurrection all day yesterday!

Thanks for looking....

Peace and love~


Beth in NC said...

Awww, Happy Birthday to your man! I'm sure he was blessed by your efforts. Looks like you had a great time!

amanda said...

happy happy birthday. april is a grrrrrrrrrrreat month to be born. although i may be a bit biased. looks like fun. and makes me feel like our family could so fit in your house if you crammed all those in there. lol.

Martha said...

Aw, I wish your dearest Husband a great birthday :) judging by that lamp, I'd say he had a huge surprised look on his face LOL

"Guess my Prescription"......"Bobbing for Dentures".....or "Musical Walkers"

Now that is HILARIOUS!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures, now I have a glimpse of your beauttttiful family <3

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to Josh! The party looks like it went well.

Holly said...

Looks like a great party! LOL at the photo of him concealed directly behind the lamp! That's rather unfortunate, but funny all the same! Did someone else have another photo from a better angle?


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