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Feeling extra thankful today

Nothing in particular.....just woke up feeling extra thankful today.

Three things off the top of my head......

I am extra thankful:
  • that even though his hours are doing a job on his physical as well as emotional self......my husband *has* a job and we can pay our mortgage and bills.
  • that even though I didn't feel like getting back in my car last night at 9PM to pick up my two older boys (remember, I am sleep deprived).....they were at Bible study. Not at a drug rehab, cancer treatment facility or the police station.
  • God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams......and I am so undeserving.......but He continues to do so daily.
Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;
His love endures forever.
~1 Chronicles 16:34

So what three things off the top of your head are you thankful for today?


Beth in NC said...

That is a great thankful list! I am grateful for so many things!

amanda said...

i'm thankful for really cool blogging friends. and praying cool blogging friend. and well i guess i'm really thankful for you!! :0) thanks for the email. i'll respond soon!

We are THAT Family said...

Email me and I'll send you my address! Thank you!


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