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Three Things This Thursday (with thoughts on LOST, pay it forward and Easter fun)

1. I am still pretty much LOST after last night's episode.

I was hoping that the conversation between Miles and Hurley would enlighten us a bit as to what the heck the time travel actually plays out to. Nope. (although it was pretty hilarious to watch them go back and forth)

I am trying to figure out what is going on with Richard Alpert and the other "others" as far as who is calling the shots. It seems like he has to (or is expected to) answer to Ellie and Charles (Widmore) at this point.

I am wondering where Daniel Faraday is to swoop in time and explain this all to us!

Things I was happy to see:

~ Kate, showing an unselfish side and returning Aaron to his grandma (which I said I thought might be the case a few weeks back). But did anyone cringe when she was spilling the big cover-up....two times!?! I can understand why she would to Claire's mom.....but why give all the details to Cassidy. (something I don't trust about her knowing all this information about the island......could be the fact that she was an ex-con woman herself......hmmmmm?)

~Sawyer really appears to have been "re-born" into a new person with new values. I thought it was cool that he said he was doing it (saving Ben) for Juliet (not Kate)

Things that made me sad or annoyed......or both.

~Jack. Not sure I am liking the "new" self-absorbed Jack. Like I think he came back to "save" his friends and now that they appear to NOT need saving.....he is all bent out of shape.

~Ben's father was just starting to look like he did have some "human" DNA in him with his concern for his son and how he started to have regrets on how he treated/raised him......until he started ranting about how mad he was that Ben stole his keys. He does make a crucial statement about how a boy must need his mom. That could go two ways.....Kate reflecting on how she should have stayed with Aaron......or justifying her search for Claire. who knows at this point.

~and one thing that will make my head explode or at least incur a nose bleed.......is a theory that is floating around about how this is all a big time loop and it (the LOST series) ends with original plane Oceanic 815 plane crash. Which is so hard for me to wrap my already fried brain around at this point. But.I. seriously.will.snap.if.that.is.it.

Wrapping thing up......the writers deserve a big fat high FIVE on that ending scene.......

Locke to Ben "Welcome to the world of the living" WOOT!

Please leave a link to your LOST thoughts and theories.....and/or join in the Three Things This Thursday fun~

2. I am sending out my Pay it Forward packages today to Lyndsey, Sarah Eliza, and Amanda! I hope it brings an extra smile the day it arrives. :)

3. I am starting to get excited about Easter.......we are diving deep into the whole Easter story with homeschooling and I found this great way to make your own Resurrection Eggs from Stretch Mark Mama's blog (I always giggle when I read her blog name.....hilarious!) Check it out.

More on Easter to come.....you can count on that!

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Karen said...

Really?? You didn't think we got a HUGE piece of info from Hurley and Miles' conversation??

Jack refuses to help little kid Ben because he doesn't want Ben to grow up to be Ben. Miles insists that everything will turn out how it's going to turn out and that nothing can change that. No matter what they do. Jack is the ONLY person in Dharmaville capable of saving kid Ben. But, when he STILL will NOT do it, Kate and Sawyer take drastic measures by taking Ben to Richard and the Others. Richard answers Hurley's question by explaining that Ben won't remember any of this and that he will never be the same. He will be one of them.

Jack is the one that turned Ben into Ben by refusing to help him.

~*Michelle*~ said...

@ karen

WOW! You are totally on to stuff. My brain is fried (hence my need.sleep.please. post a few days ago, lol) I guess when Miles looked stumped at the end...it summed up how I don't understand it either. HA!

Good call on the Ben won't remember any of this comment by Richard.


jen said...

Jack is just plain annoying. That's it. Put him on the sub and get him outta there. He's good for nothing, he won't help anyone, but he came back to "save" them. Whatever, dude.
Everyone is saying the same thing. If this is a loop and ends with the crash, we quit.
All of us.
I've invested too much time/emotion/energy into this show to hate it at the end.
The writers better be reading all of our blogs and take note.

Martha said...

My sister is the Lost addict so I am clueless LOL

I am excited for Easter too, yay!

What's Pay it Forward? I'm curious now! :o)

everydayMOM said...

As crazy as that conversation was between Miles and Hurley, it actually made sense to me!

I think lots of people had a hand in creating evil Ben... Sayid for shooting him, Jack for NOT saving him and now Kate and Sawyer for handing him over to Richard.

After reading the Time Loop Theory, though, I'm starting to get my mind around the fact that he would have become Evil Ben one way or another. Ben had already met Richard in the woods and Richard had told him to be patient. It was just a matter of time before Richard snatched him up and stole his soul.

Can't wait to see where Richard took him.

And yes... the scene between Locke and Ben was priceless.

Kacie said...

actually, the Time Loop Theory website that I linked to on my page does NOT just believe that it's one loop that will end up back at the flight. This is different - read it! It's not perfect because we've already found out a few things that are different than what they thought, but it really does make sense in other ways.

Heather J. said...

I loved the Hurley/Miles scene - it was like reading the comments on all the lost blogs! LOL

And I completely love the new Sawyer - his comment about doing it for Juliette sealed it for me. GO SAWYER!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

I refuse to fall for that whole ultimate loop theory thing... to my mind, it doesn't work at all. But yeah, I won't be able to handle it either if that's what it is.

I don't know if I agree that it was unselfish of her to "return" Aaron... after all, she's pretty much the only family he's known. It just seems hard on the little guy to all the sudden have her gone. =/ But her mothering abilities didn't seem so awesome anyhow (so far as we saw, limited to "Color your book baby." and "Drink your juice baby") so hey, maybe it was the best decision for him after all.

I'm really excited about the pay-it-forward! :) You're so sweet to do it... I'm going to go wait by the mailbox now hehe.

Michelle said...

I LOVE Lost but we are a season behind so I cant comment on that.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


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