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Three Things This Thursday (LOST, a little *sniff and an "awwwww")

1. LOST.....let's all give a *high five* to Faraday! WOOT! Thanks for finally clearing some things up for us!

OK, so even though his plan to stop the electromagnetic leak, therefore stopping the whole need for the Hatch shpeel.....therefore preventing the Oceanic Plane 815 crash.......therefore, no-one would be where they are (or should I say.....it wouldn't have been their destiny!)
So Jack would have buried his dad, and continue trying to "fix" everything,
Kate would have gone to jail,
Claire would have birthed TurnipHead/Aaron and gave him up for adoption
Sun and Jin would probably have ended up in divorce
Rose's cancer would have spread
Sawyer would be conning more women
Locke would still be in his wheelchair telling people to stop telling him what he cannot do!
......you get the gist.
So really people......is that what we really want? I am hoping that they all realize this and do whatever they can to stop the "Whatever Happens Happens" theory.

And what's up with Eloise and her obnoxious overbearing ways? And here we thought only the fathers kept the psychologists in business. Why would she send Daniel back to the island, knowing she would be shooting him? I want to guess that the island heals him or this whole time travel loop-de-loop is going to bring back the nosebleed for me.

Not to mention......I was just feeling better that pushing that button all those years was for a good purpose and not some random useless human experiment (does anyone remember, I think it was Season 2, when they showed that mountain pile of canisters that the Dharma researchers sent up one of those vacuum chute things?......they thought they were sending the printed reports to some main station, but they really just got spat outside their station on the ground). So please don't take that away from me! Or Desmond who did it all those years!

Speaking of Desmond........ WOOT! So thrilled that he survived. I also was so happy for Penny, but was anyone else concerned when she just left little Charlie with some random nurse?.....I dunno, after meeting some strange woman who dumped all this crazy information on me and how my husband was now a "casuality" of some raging island war, I don't think I'd be so trusting at that point with anyone.

It was bittersweet to see Charlotte as a little girl.....

I love Mile's expressions.....he always looks so skeptical. His comments are so dry.

I felt bad for Juliet when Sawyer calls Kate, Freckles. It just showed her that it (her happy homelife with "James") is pretty much over. It's bad enough that they have to uproot from their white picket fence home in Dharmaland.......but he clearly still has a connection with Kate.

I wonder if at some other point in time, which I have no clue when.....does Daniel attempt to send his research assistant/girlfriend, Teresa, to the island (maybe to rescue him???) and that is where she ends up in that coma state? When Widmore went to visit him with his "proposal".....Daniel mentioned that he had tested whatever it was that caused her harm on himself first.

Favorite line: When Miles brings Daniel to Jack.....he is rambling and asking all kinds of questions. Jack looks to Miles and asks, "What's going on?" and he replies...."Don't ask me, I just carried his luggage"

Please leave your Lost theories/comments below and also a link to your blog if you have a recap....I love hearing about stuff I most likely missed too!

So onto my Two other "Things" This Thursday!

2. *sniff

I don't know if I should consider the sniff are happy tears or more of a sob......my firstborn son, G.....is officially "on the road". Yes that's right New England drivers.....watch out. G has his permit.......finally.

So yeah, part of me is a little sad......but I am mainly overjoyed for him! He is growing up to be such a good man......I am so proud of him.

Passing this test (which he failed the first time) was so important.... First, it taught him that when he applies himself, he can do it. Growing up with an attention retention issue, he tends to get discouraged at times.

And another good life lesson that came about from this....It also knocked him off his high horse (which was painful for me at first, but it was a tough love time) He was all "I know it, don't need to study" when he took it the first time.....and bombed. It was a very humbling experience as you can imagine.

So we told him that we paid for the first written test.....he's on his own for paying for it again.
Another "tough love" stance......And considering he only gets paid $8/hr at his part-time job, he appreciates $40 now.

so anyway.....be warned if you drive in New England.....Big G is on the road!

3. And lastly.....I came home from a doc appointment with two of the boys yesterday....to find Josh and N working very hard on our little corral fence. Remember I mentioned that Josh didn't calculate the tree's height very well with his last excursion with his chainsaw and destroy a good portion of it? So the two of them were hard at work getting everything secure......

.....because we will be welcoming one of these very soon.....

(or more likely......two or three because I have a habit of not being able to separate siblings).

Aren't they so stinkin' cute? I think the grouchiest person on earth would still say "awwwwww" when they see these little guys. And the best part is that they stay nice and small.

and a bonus "thing".......congrats to Sarah from I Blame My Mother.....she won the Chico Bag Giveaway!! WOOHOO! Thanks to everyone for playing along. I will be doing another giveaway very soon...

So there you have it.....my Three Things This Thursday! Thanks to Dave AKA Homeschool Dad for giving me (well, 3TTT) that shout-out yesterday too.

So come on! Join in, share what's going on with you.......and leave your link and/or comment below....

Have a great day~


Sarah said...

I'm so thankful to be the giveaway winner! And I did find you from Homeschool Dad.
I used to watch Lost faithfully but this season it became way too complicated...if I had to leave the room for a minute I would miss all sorts of stuff - we don't have TiVO. And with 3 little ones I did not have the uninterupted time I needed - even with two already in bed :) Have to stick with my fluffier shows!

Mary said...

That's so funny that you should bring up the nurse thing. I was thinking about that when it happened and said to myself "oh they just threw that in there quickly just to handle the kid thing and said it so fast that the viewers won't notice...but geeze, I hope that nurse is nice"...LOL

I laughed at Sawyer saying "welcome to the meeting, Twitchy". LOL

And yes, I absolutely agree with you about the outcomes not being ideal if they did avoid the plane crash. It kind of shows us viewers, that even though bad things happen...they all happen for a reason...and whenever a door is closed, a window (or a much brighter, prettier door) is opened. LOL. Basically, Michelle, I never have any extra things to add since you are always on the ball and several of the things you've said were what I was going to say! teehee

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Ok, I go into it a lot deeper in my post, but I realllly don't think that Eloise was aware she was going to kill her son when she encouraged him to go to the island. Him hopping the sub from Ann Arbor was triggered actually by her sending Kate, Jack, et al, back in time -- he saw the photo and things when from there. I think sending them back was the "variable" that made her, as she told Widmore, uncertain what would happen next.

I hope I hope he isn't dead!

Good point about the reports from the viewing station that just ended up in the mud... I really wonder how/when all that happened too...

amanda said...

three things. 1. i'm lost on lost. because i don't watch it.
2. wowzers a driver. i remember getting my temps. my mom was the worst to drive with. be nice.
3. yay for sarah. boo for me.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Love your LOST recap. When Sawyer called Kate Freckles I almost fell out of my chair. I was feeling heartbroken after that.
And I totally understand the happy/sad feeling when your oldest got his drivers permit. My oldest got his drivers license in January. But I got over that heartbreak as soon as I figured out I could send him on errands and to go get me ice cream :-) Alway find the bright side!!

Karen said...

My favorite line was Jack to Kate: "We disappeared off a plane and landed in 1977. I'm getting kind of used to insane."

Seriously LOVED this episode. I just wonder about everyone's fate. Yes, if they reverse the magnetism thing and then the hatch doesn't have to be built and then Desmond doesn't inadvertently crash Oceanic 815, everyone continues on their individual paths of self-destruction instead of becoming the people they have become over the past 3 years. Is that really their destiny? Is that really what is supposed to happen.

Eloise makes that comment to Charles Widmore (TOTALLY knew he was Daniel's father!) about him not understanding sacrifice like she does. She sent Daniel back to the island knowing her younger self was going to kill him, but (in her mind, at least) it was a sacrifice that needed to be made. Why? For what reason? And why was she so determined to get Jack back to the island?

So many questions! But we're finally getting answers, so I can live with that!

jen said...

There were so many good points you brought up that honestly I can't remember one right now to comment on. Should I not comment?
I didn't even bat an eye at the nurse until you said that. But I've been in that situation. Nurses took my 3 yo son to the break room for cookies and baseball (tv) while I gave birth. For the actual pushing/birth.
I guess when you have to, you just trust people.
Hope they don't make that into a storyline...Charlie missing from nurse...

Mom of Many Messes said...

So cute! My hubby and I have always wanted to raise goats (why, I'm not sure). He said I'm enjoying the bunny and puppies so much he thought we ought to get chickens! Thanks for the positive comment about the DIY vaccines :).


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