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Big Day for N

How exciting is it to lose your first tooth?!?

Yes, *sniff......my baby lost her first tooth yesterday. I will admit I was thankful that I was at CVS when it happened. Please don't judge me as a heartless uncaring mother, of course I want to be fully invested in all my children's milestones,.....but there is something about loose wiggly teeth that makes the hair on my arms stand straight up.

I can deal with (and have often) broken bones, gashes that require stitches and staples, chunky vomit and the whole nine yards of what a nasty case of flu can leave for clean-up. I've had pets give birth in my home....I am greeted at the back steps with random rodent body parts that my barn cats "gift" me. Heck, I even helped neuter our goat. I can watch those micro surgery shows on the Discovery Health channel where the cameras go where no man should be probing......

I cannot stomach the "twist-twist-pull" action of a loose tooth *shudder*

So I had eight calls in the ten minutes I was getting my retail therapy at the drugstore. By retail therapy, I am talking browsing up and down the aisles on a mission to purchase all these items I needed with the only $20 bill in my possession. I had my CVS reward bucks, my coupons and I was armed and ready to pull it off.

So the phone calls were messing with the fact that I was using the calculator feature on my phone and throwing my frugal MoJo off.

The first seven conversations were quite incomprehensible.......just a combination of sobbing, sniffling, whining and just the perfect touch of drama. I did manage to decipher that there was blood on the tissues and I must come home immediately to help with this tooth issue.

nope. one. place. I. wil.l not. go.

I love my children, but I cannot cross the line of assisting in a tooth extraction. I have to force myself into a happy place when they keep showing me the wiggly snag.....I always seem to have "dirty fingers" when she wants me to try thankfully. We won't even go to the place where the tooth is almost horizontal. (a little FYI, I just gagged with that visual)

So, I basically was getting a play-by-play update every 90 seconds......with the pangs of horror getting louder and louder and her words getting more and more unintelligible.

Finally.....after people were getting aggravated by hearing my "Alive" by P O D ringtone every aisle I turned down....the sounds of horror were now sounds of joy on the other end.

I am not sure how it came out, and quite frankly......I didn't ask. I was just thrilled that I did not have to witness that final yank. I told her I was so proud of her and couldn't wait to see it. (was it insensitive of me to remind her to clean it up first and make sure there were no strings?)

So yeah....a new milestone for my daughter.....and another for me. Another milestone into my journey of motherhood. Having to grasp the thoughts that my youngest child is getting older....she is no longer a "baby". I am not so sure how I am feeling right now....a little tumble of emotions I guess. I am just gonna hang on to every crazy moment and sentiment I am going through and thank God for blessing me always with my children.

........even if it does include N waking up just now showing me the other loose tooth that she is working on.



Miss Charlene said...

lol, this entry cracked me up. My kids haven't started their tooth-pulling phase yet, but the way you described it just gave me chills on my arm. I hope I don't get grossed out! lol. I get grossed out if my kids or even pets try to lick me on my arm, face, leg or whatever! I can't take it and it feels nauseating. Somehow they've figured it out and like to aggravate me. Joys of mama-hood right?

agk11808 said...

I am in your boat with loose teeth. I used to work at a daycare, and I would always tell them "I am so proud you have a loose tooth, but Miss Amy doens't want to see it" Great job N

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Eeek! Loose teeth make me jittery too... they did even when I was the tiny one losing them LOL.

I got my pay-it-forward! :) :) It was very sweet, thanks so much for the mailbox fun! So now I "pass it on" to three people myself, right? Sounds fun!

4under3 said...

The wiggly teeth give me the wiggles too. When I taught 1st grade, I got my fair share of seeing first hand, blood, teeth, and hanging gums.


But, I'm pretty sure I would have ran into my room and cried into my pillow. If it was my little girl hitting a benchmark of getting bigger.

Did you?


p.s. Your comment about a booger hanging from flippity chick cracked me up. I LOL'd. Thanks.

amanda said...

lol. i am so not looking forward to teeth losing. yucko. disgusting. blech. :0) i got your little gift in the mail yesterday. made me smile on a day i totally needed it!! thanks. i have special plans for announcing that this week. oh and did you know that 'agk11808' is my sister? well she is. just in case you wanted to know. she's almost as cool as me...almost...and i totally lol'd at your booger comment as well. ahhhh thank goodness for awesome funny friends. i totally need them. :0)

Anonymous said...

wait til she gets some ninnies! ha-ha, love you- daddy

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

LOL!! I can just picture your phone going off at CVS, and you trying to talk your daughter through all the tooth drama. It so sounds like something my daughter would have done, it was actually comforting to read your post and realize my daughter isn't the only one with tooth stress!! :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog today, it's always nice to meet new friends. :)

Mary said...

It IS gross for some reason...I agree. I yanked Noah's tooth out about a month ago (he has lost the top 2 recently and is cute). I can't believe I did it, but I got sick of listening to him whine about it. LOL. I laughed at the "no strings" thing. eww LOL


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