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Three Things This Thursday (ongoing LOST thoughts, Easter fun and prayer requests)

Hmmmmmmmm, not one of my favorite episodes, although it did bring some insight to a few things. You see, I am not a huge smoke monster fan.

*For the record and in my defense, I do not watch sci-fi stuff and can just about digest the paranormal stuff in movies too. I am probably the only person on the planet who has not watched the original first Star Wars from start to finish. (which actually is not the first, but that is another confusing time line thing) I mean, I've seen enough bits and pieces together over the years with all the testosterone in this house......so I know that Darth Vader is Luke's father and I think I have the Wookie call down too. I know that Princess Leah had that honey bun hairdo and that Yoda was a little lovable in a creepy kinda way. Other than that.....never ingested any of the story line.

So getting back to LOST.....the smoke monster kinda made it a little over the top/unrealistic for me all these years.....(sorry to disappoint all my hardcore LOSTaholics)......but don't throw Dharma tomatoes at me yet.....I totally know that time-travel, islands with healing powers, visits from dead people and all the other crazy stuff that happens on LOST can happen!

Now we kinda get the gist of what the smoke monster is all about.....spooky. I am thinking when it comes to judge you......"it" is really facing all the demons in your past and makes the decision if it's your time to die.

What about that temple?......It's all so strange.....the hieroglyphics (which has been carried through the story, even on that counter-timer thing in the Hatch)....clearly Egyptian, so how long has this temple been here? Who built it? And is it me or does Richard Alpert have some Egyptian thing going on with his black eyeliner? hmmmmmm....just throwing that out there.

Locke is totally more of the all-knowing leader now....which Ben is having a hard time digesting. But going by the look on his face when his dead daughter had him by the throat.....I think he is going to be taking orders for a bit now.

We are definitely seeing a softer side to evil Ben.......he spares crazy French lady, Danielle.....but then takes her child. thanks. (and what was up with young Ethan wanting to get into the action?). We see him as a loving father (with bad hair) to young Alex. He also spares Penny when he sees her young son.....and btw, how awesome was that butt whooping by Desmond??

But Ben also is still showing signs of his manipulative ways.....he totally conjured up that story to Caesar about Locke being a crazy island castaway, fully knowing he could step in and "repay" Locke by "saving" him. (hence, gaining some trust back). Kinda glad Caesar is gone......never had any spot in my heart for him.

Illana is appearing to be more than a pawn that got Sayid back to the island too.....hmmmmm. Who is she working for? Her "what lies in the shadow of the statue" question makes me wonder "when" she came from too.

And speaking of these new plane survivors.....is it me or do they all seem not so phased about this plane crash or concerned about being rescued?

Now getting back to bad hairpieces......Widmore was so cold when wanting to kill baby Alex. And who banished Widmore off the island? I wonder what rule he broke? Obviously he comes and goes from the island by having a relationship and daughter elsewhere.

My favorite line:
Lapidus~"As long as the dead guy says there's a reason, then I guess everything is gonna be just peachy"

So yeah......I am very excited for next week......we get back to Hurley, Sawyer, Jack and the whole groovy Dharma peeps. And we also see if I was right about Miles and his connection to that scientist dude, Dr. Candle or whatever name he is going by.

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Two other things this Thursday~

2. I am excited today to have N's homeschooling friends over for an Easter celebration. We are going to frost cupcakes that are in the shape of eggs, do an egg hunt and I am also going to share our Resurrection Eggs with the group. I made our own version using bits and pieces from others versions that I've found online. I'll post photos from today and give you all the information/supplies tomorrow if you would like to make your own Resurrection Eggs too. It is super easy, you probably have all the stuff in your home already and you can do it with your kids over this Easter weekend. :)

3. Still praying for many of God's children.....the earthquake in Italy is just devastating.......of course we still have sweet Stellan lifted high in prayer.....and also are on our knees for my friend Kim's brother, Ronni who I mentioned was in a motorcycle accident last Friday. There is a Care Page set up for him if you'd like to pop over, say a prayer and see how he is doing. If you do not have a CarePage account, it is simple and free.


There is nothing too great for our God......

Talk soon~

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Mary said...

I wish I could see what you've wrote to remind me what I wanted to comment on...so it's going to be random memory lol
Wow about the guyliner/Richard thing...you have a very good point there about the Egyptian thing! gnarly!!
I think the smoke monster allowed a representation of Alex to appear to Ben to convince him that he must follow Locke, and figured it was more punishment to Ben to do THAT than to die...as we could see in Ben's face as he stared up at Locke after it was all done.
So Ben still has some of his childhood self before he was healed by the island left in him...Richard said he would lose his (not sure the words he used...but I am going to say "conscience"). He obviously is showing us that he does still have some conscience in some ways.

Well, I have typed a lot and I'm sure there's something else I want to comment on but can't see it to remember it.

~*Michelle*~ said...

@ Mary

Good call on the smoke monster's intention!

FYI, I believe there is a link you can click on "Show original post" up top on comment section so you can have it visible to reference.

amanda said...

so i've never watched star wars, star trek...really no star anything. well except dancing with the stars....and there are some weird costumes on that show...at any rate i don't watch lost either. :0) i don't even know what time it's on...but i'm a criminal minds and csi:ny girl anyways. sorry. and i loved the resurrection eggs thing, i actually have them. they were on sale at walmart a few years ago. you know when i only had one kid and ten bucks to spare. ha. so okay i'm rambling. and my hubby's aunt called...and they may come over today...can you say...CLEAN UP. with sick kids and a 'hurt' hubby the housework was neglected to say the least! and i think i should shower too. or at least change out of my low cut jammies. at least i'm wearing a hoodie over them so the girls don't hang all out. okay you didn't need to know any of that. and probably should have sent it in an email not a comment. oh well.

Denise said...


I just found your blog this week & wanted to participate in your carnival.

Karen said...

The rule Charles Widmore broke was leaving the island frequently and having a child with someone not from there. That's why he was banished.

I think that Ben is now being asked to do what Charles could not: follow the next leader. Locke is now the man in charge, not Ben. Just like Charles once lost his status to Ben. Will be interesting to see how long he is able to be a follower. Although I do truly believe him when he says that everything he has done has been for the good of the island.

And I am SO relieved to know that Penny lives!

Bobbi said...

Great LOST recap. Your Lapidus quote was my favorite of the night, too.

I think I have a better understanding of Smokey this season - he/it is turning into the moral conscience of the Island.

Can't wait for next week because Miles will be the focus. It'll be nice to get a better understanding of him.

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Hahaha "back to the bad hairpieces" :P Wasn't young-ish Ben's funny hair amusing?? Their whole attempt to make him look younger flopped horribly...

I like your point that Ben set Locke up to be "rescued" -- I hadn't picked up on that. Slick!

My church did resurrection eggs when I was young -- loved them! Looking forward to hearing how it goes. :)

PS My boyfriend recognized some of the Egyptian hieroglyphics... come check out my "interpretation" and let me know what you think! :P

~*Michelle*~ said...

@ Amanda

You crack me up......all the time. (dancing with the stars reference just as a starting point, lol)

@ Denise
Welcome Welcome Welcome!! So happy you are joining in on the fun!


I *thought* that was it...but it seemed too easy and LOST isn't all about being easy, yk? Good call on the following issue too.

@ Bobbi

Can I tell you that I giggled when you called it Smokey. HA! And I am a total Miles fan too.


YAY that you got your package!!! and I love the Egyptian revelation too.....wow!

kisatrtle said...

I agree with you this wasn't one of my favorite episodes. The smoke monster was just a little too much for me.

I'm still groppling with the time travel as it is.

Can't wait to learn more bout those new losties and what lies in the shadow of the statue, but I'm also looking forward to seeing the Dharma gang next week.

Rachel said...

Hi Michelle!

Thanks so much for stopping over today! Sounds like I made a few people smile with my smoke monster funny! I live to make people giggle! ;)

Don't worry - I figured I was overreacting to how good the show was. I don't know why I'm so incredibly attached to Penny... Maybe because Desmond mooned for her for like 3 seasons and it would just be ding dang darn rude if they offed her now.

Anywho.... My point is no reason to duck - no dharma tomatoes coming from this direction. We can still be friends... ;)

I know what you mean about the sci-fi aspect of Lost. Did you watch Alias? Must be a JJ Abrams thing... That got really strange towards the end. At least with Lost, you knew from the beginning something wasn't quite right with the Island. No logical way of explaining away most of the weirdness there...

Nice to meet you! I plan to keep recapping the episodes from here on out. That was just too fun!

Have a blessed weekend.


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