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Count your blessings!

So this morning, I woke up to my obnoxious rooster cockadoodling like a broken record who wouldn't shut up to the sounds of chirping birds outside my window. It just put a smile on my face and made me realize, once again.....how blessed I am.

So I thought I would just list ten random things that make me smile and thank God for (in no specific order)

  • everyone in my family is healthy, even with broken fingers, sunburns and poison ivy rashes today. (sums up what we were doing all weekend)
  • Josh and I started on a new garden bed so that we can have a better place to grow our veggies (hence the sunburn)
  • we have a gorgeous clean little stream way back on our property that E and N made a little "sinkhole" to cool off in, by creating a small dam with large rocks on one part (hence the broken finger)
  • we are clearing out some land to build a new chicken coop (hence the poison ivy)
  • I am raising my family out in the boonies, close enough to society.....yet far enough away from it at the same time (if that makes sense, lol)
  • we were doing school outside in the fresh air yesterday and plan on doing it today as well.
  • I have very special close friends that I can share where I found a deer tick on me (it was the size of this ".") and laugh about it with them (*shudder*)
  • I found $10 in my pocket, so we went out for ice cream last night
  • then ended the night watching a gorgeous sunset
  • I have Jesus Christ in me.
In this upside down world, where most worry/complain what they don't have, I encourage you to take 5 minutes today and count what blessings (no matter how simple) you do have.....and please share even just one thing with me!

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Peace and love~



amanda said...

amen sister. the song blessed be the name of the lord. blessed be his glorious name. every blessing he pours out i'll turn back to praise. that's the song that's on my heart the past few days. praise him with the blessings he gives us. AMEN!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

It sounds like your weekend was full of happiness and sunshine and LIFE! I'm really glad for the blessings reminder -- this post made me smile. :)

Dawn JOY JOY JOY Morrison said...

Showers of Blessings...
1. My Lord is my King...sweet devotional time this morning. Psalm 10:16
2. I can hear the birds this morning.
3. I can feel the breeze this morning.
4. I can Praise my Saviour for the marvelous creation He has made!
5. I have a house full of blessings...only quiet time is in the wee hours of the morning while they all sleep.
6. I have a busy, meaningful life.
7. I have lots of friends to share God's love with.
8. I am married to a loving and forgiving husband who meets my every need.
9. I can school my children in "sweats".
10. At least ONE of my four students is an above average, eager learner. PRAISE THE LORD for all His blessings. Have a JOYful day my sweet friend!
Hugs of JOY, Dawn

Joey said...

I am thankful that when He sees the depths of my heart, He loves me the same!!!~Chris Tomlin

Raising Olives said...

I love your list. Thanks for the reminder about how much we are blessed.


Tasha said...

Awesome post! I really need to slow down and think about what I have more, thanks for the reminder.
Thank you for visiting my blog!


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