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Can you speak up?

OK, can you hear that?

Me. either.

Well, I feel it.

Am I making sense?

Probably not.

OK, here's the deal......I feel God speaking to me, but I cannot quite hear what He is saying. I know He is working with me right now......just like The Potter that He is. He is molding me, preparing me for something.

Of course it is awesome to feel His presence, but sometimes it is almost uncomfortable in the sense that I am uneasy. I am a little jiggie (pronounced jig-gee, as in anxious/nervous/unsettled.......not jiggly, although that unfortunately can be used to describe me too)

I know He is calling on me to do something.......something significant. Something that will be effective. A different but even better direction.

But I can't hear what He is saying!

I know, I know.....I need to be still. But that's hard for a un-medicated ADD mama like me. I try.....I do. I try to focus in prayer......and although I get touched by certain Scripture.....I don't get that road map that I am desperately asking God to hand over. I wish they had a GPS system for our walk with Christ. Wouldn't that rock? I imagine it would have different voice settings......like you could choose from angelic singing instructions......or a majestic deep strong voice commanding you! HA! Now see? This is exactly why it is hard for me to stay on task.......(and ultimately need a device to keep me on course).....my brain wanders off so easily.


OK, so I need some suggestions on how to be still. I am yearning to hear what plans God has for me......I feel like I have a big present in front of me, wrapped up in gorgeous ribbons and sparkly paper.....and I just want to rip right into it~!

I know that God has placed some thoughts and ideas in my head when I have one of my lovely insomnia moments. He must love to mess with me because He always sends thoughts racing in at full speed. If I could give you a visual.....it's like a tornado where you see bits and pieces of items caught up in the twister, but never a clear shot on the specifics.

Maybe He just knows that is how I operate most of the time and He's just communicating Michelle-style. I guess He would know best, right?

So for now......I will wait patiently.....I am so eager to please Him that it is hard to keep it contained. He has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams......He knocks my socks off! He rescued me....and continues to forgive me when I screw up.

I owe this to Him.

Peace and love~

ps. This Scripture keeps creeping in my head since I read it this week during one of my "speed-prayer" sessions.....(on the toilet......hey, being honest.....I'm lucky I even get the bathroom to myself in this house!!!
.......And surely I am not the ONLY person who keeps a spare Bible in their bathroom......it beats any magazine or catalog, doesn't It?)

Anyway.....here it is:

'No,' he answered, 'because while you are pulling the weeds, you may root up the wheat with them. Matthew 13:29

.....so now what?!??!? eek. I need help.


Beth in NC said...

Hi Michelle -- I understand your situation. Sometimes it is harder to hear for yourself than for others. I have a hard time being still too -- especially with a little one around.

Did this scripture spark this feeling? If so, are you about to leave someone or something behind because of some bad seed involved? The ugly is growing with the good - but the good could be uprooted too if you try to pull out the weeds.

I don't know, but GOD does and He will get His message through to you. He is good at it! :o)


~*Michelle*~ said...

Thanks Beth...

I wish I could answer those questions....I, too am praying He reveals it to me soon...


Sarah Mae said...

First of all, we are so much alike! Most of my inspiration comes from lying awake at night...

I don't know what the Lord has for you, but keep your eye on the still waters that come even when we walk in the valley.

Joey said...

Wow! I love your honesty Michelle! That is the only way to go. Ok, here it goes....it seems that I am the master of what you are talking about, trying to hear from God, digging the ear wax out of my ears as I ask myself, "Is that you are me God?" You sound a lot like me. I am in a season where I have waited on God for several years now, and in the waiting I am learning that He knows my life better than me. He is not just God, but Lord over my life. I gave it to Him and He is responsible as I trust as He has asked me to. My little nugget I will share with you today is this...Jeremiah 18 (mainly verse 2) where God is speaking to Jeremiah and tells him to "Arise, and go down to the potter's house, and there I will CAUSE you to hear my words. Praise God, that always fires me up. I like to say that this is only for me, but it's not. In desperation while seeking, the Holy Spirit told me that if God would cause Jeremiah to hear Him, He would do the same for me and any that ask for help in hearing His powerful, yet still small voice. I hope that this blesses you as it did me. I love your blog...straight and to the point. Please keep up the friendship here. Blessings!

Joey said...

Oh, my 17 year old daughter is wanting a tattoo for her birthday. Any advise???

Karen said...

I think maybe it's not that you need to be more still and listen harder. Sometimes he gives us a hint of what he wants for us, but it's up to us to figure out exactly what it is.

He may not be specific with where he wants you to go, but he'll definitely tell you if you get on the wrong track.

~*Michelle*~ said...

@ Sarah Mae....love your blog too. Will def. be back soon!

@ Joey

Preach it brother! Good stuff....

I am a huge fan of Jeremiah. very cool.

And yes.....the same *FAITHFUL* God that blessed Abraham, Moses, Noah, Joseph, etc.....is the same God we serve today...and for that I just want to shout out how much I LOVE (and trust) Him!!!!!!!!


Oh, and as far as your daughter's tattoo....HMMMMMMMMM.......well, I guess I would first suggest that you have to approve it first off. Then have her really really really think about what she wants and then wait a month or so, and make sure that after that month or so, she still wants it. Kids can be a little fickle/trendy yk? Well, I am sure you know....you are raising a teen!

I was lucky that my son wanted Scripture. The fact that it covers his whole forearm is cool to me, but I've gotten my comments from "better" parents, HA! I get the whole shpeel about how it's forever, blah blah blah....and then I remind them that it is not some girl or sports team that he will regret. We are talking The GOOD WORD people....

I guess ask her what her intentions are for the tattoo too...and also if she wants it more private or visible.

I think that allowing kids to express themselves is awesome.....keeping boundaries is wise too.

So I probably didn't help too much, did I? LOL

....this coming from someone who is getting the three crosses on the back of her neck next month. ;)

@ Karen....I think you are right too about God keeping alot of this in my court/responsibility too.

Martha said...

You know what, the Lord gives me insomnia too LOL

I always ask God to speak up louder because I am hard-of-hearing, it seems to do the trick. Keep praying that God will reveal himself to you and that He raises his voice when He does ;) I know He desires for his children to hear Him :)

P.S. Missed you!

Raising Olives said...

I too am being molded by the Potter. I however know what he is saying, just not exactly what it should look like.

Praying for wisdom right along side you.


lisasmith said...

I leave spare Bibles everywhere...bathroom and kitchen counter are the two most read!

Read the passage in The Message...Bible for Dummies. LOL

Seriously, I know the jiggy feeling. Just keep asking, seeking, soaking and sitting. He will surely come like the spring rains, Michelle. I'm praying it's quickly...it is spring afterall.

PS I thought of you this weekend when I wore my freshly laundered Gap jeans. I washed and dried about halfway and ooooooh it made them fit so well!! They held their shape much longer. :)


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