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Three Things This Thursday.......(Lost thoughts, Treats and Blessings)

1. Disturbed.

That is the only word that can described how I felt after last night's episode.

Who is good? Who is evil? How the heck could Ben kill John like that? *shudder*

OK, so some of the things discovered last night:

We find out/confirm that the creepy man who shows up at random places is Charles Whidmore's right hand man, so to speak. He reminds John that it was him, posing as the intern, who convinced him to take the initial flight in the first place....

We also find out that Whidmore knows exactly where the "exit" is from the island as he had his cameras and security system ready and waiting in Tunisia. (I am assuming the same desert that Ben was plopped into)

There is def. conflict unfolding between Eloise Hawkings and Ben. When she was asked if Ben was lying (back at their little get-together) she replied probably. Ben seemed a little miffed with his snarky reply to Jack about how he was the one who had to stay after with Ms. Hawkings......and then the ultimate was when Ben heard John Locke mention her name and meeting up with her.....he just snapped into murder mode. Was I the only one who felt a deep pit in your stomach in that scene? It was very disturbing to watch. Not just to see our friend John Locke get strangled, but man.......these Lost writers are getting brutal. I am still trying to shake the image of that French dude's arm getting ripped off from outta my mind.


The obvious.....Why would Ben first rescue John from suicide, but then kill him?

We confirm that the "concerned" passenger (the one who offers Jack his condolences at the airport) and the marshal who was handcuffed to Sayid were definitely meant to be on that flight as well....for the same purpose of getting to the island. They clearly were not surprised to have crashed on some island as they are found exploring what appears to be another hatch. Not to mention.....they had those boats ready on the shore? But, who would these two new characters be affiliated with?

My husband seems to think that they (this newest plane "crash") are not on "the" island as John was looking out at another island in the distance when he was standing on the beach. It could be the smaller island that Kate and Sawyer were held captive a few seasons back. Remember Ben took Sawyer to to show him that even if he did escape from his cage, there was no way off?

But it does appear that Jack, Kate and Hurley landed on the original island (and quite possibly a different time as well...., the familiar lagoon, Jin in Dharma uniform, newer VW bus??)

I wanted to shout at John to shut his mouth when he was telling Ben about Jin. Ben looked surprised to hear that Jin was still alive. His buggy eyes were more shifty than normal. (have I mentioned that Michael Emerson is a brilliant actor?)

I am still pondering my thoughts from a few weeks ago that Charles Whidmore might possibly be Daniel Faraday's father....

No real "best line of the night" with this episode, but I just loved how Hurley was nonchalant talking to John, just assuming he was another dead person from the island.

This week, I have to say......I am really LOST. I cannot figure out who has the best intentions for the island. Ben can be such a slimeball and has no real concern for human life (except his daughter Alex so far).....but Whidmore will stop at nothing to get to that island including staging plane wrecks, hot wiring a desert, and has had his share of sacrificing people.

Will the real "good guy" PLEASE stand up?

..... Or maybe they both are bad guys?

I don't know if my heart can take this......until next week.........

On to my other things this Thursday

2. I made a batch of brownies this weekend.....but a friend suggested I melted about 1/4 cup of peanut butter in the microwave and stir it in......I think I might have found my new comfort food.

(I did limit myself to only 4.....remember, I have new jeans.....sorry, I know I am repeating myself and obsessed with them......but they really did change my life!)

3. God has been extra good to us this week.......and has a hilarious way of letting us know that He can handle any/all of our finances. Quick story (if there is such a thing with me). We have extra "tight" weeks, as we pay our mortgage every other week. So the weeks that the payment goes out, leaves us with a much less amount to live on. Well, between signing up G for a driver's ed course that was $125 and catching up on a higher than normal electric bill......let's just say we had a very weak checking account balance by Tuesday.

Like He always does.......God sends along this random check to us for $50. It was an overpayment I made last month to a bill and I totally forgot about it. So I rushed to the ATM to give our balance all the help it could get. I said "thank you" to God as I put the check into the little slot. The receipt pops out and my balance is now ALOT higher than the $50 addition. I mean ALOT. So I instantly think.....WOW, God...I know You can do anything, but this is CRAZY.
.....then it took me a few minutes to realize that our state refund had been wired in....but the still crazy thing is that we only did our taxes this past Saturday. Call it lightening speed electronic tax filing technology......I'm calling it the way I see it.

I'm giving God all the glory on this one.

Wrapping up this story.......one last blessing from God......is that when I went home from the bank, I went to turn on the water and we had none. great. We've had our share of well problems, and usually they have a $1000-1500+ price tag on them. Not that anyone is in any financial situation to swallow a bill like this, but things have been extra tight around here lately. Josh basically had a vein throbbing on his head when I told him about it. I tried to remain calm and just remind him that even though we only got to see the money pending in our account, at least God gave us a head start on what we were facing. We made the dreaded call to the well people.....they showed up Wednesday morning.

It was only a fried wire in the motor. I was never so happy to see a $123.50 bill in my life. Praise Him!

So there you go.........my Three Things this Thursday. If you feel like popping on the Lost-aholic train or join in sharing three random things.......please do! The more the merrier. Leave a comment and/or leave your link here:

Peace and love~


Heather J. said...

Your recap made me think of something that I should have included in my post (http://lostbookschallenge.blogspot.com/2009/02/episode-recap-life-and-death-of-jeremy.html) ... if Widmore had cameras on the site in Tunisia, did he see Ben arrive? Where those Widmore's guys who arrived and who Ben then killed? If so, that would mean that Widmore knew Ben was back ... and he definitely didn't seem to know that when he was talking to Locke ... or did he really know and was just keeping it a secret?! *gah* more questions!

amanda said...

okay again...no idea on lost. i'm totally lost....
BUT i love how god works!! i LOVE that when random checks come in the mail. or random cool wipes. lol. i do really like them though.
god is so good. btw if you want help eating those brownies i wouldn't mind random brownies in the mail either...just sayin'

everydayMOM said...

It's really freaky how Matthew was the one who got Locke on the plane. Does that mean he also had a hand in getting all of the other Losties on the plane? And if he did, why were they all chosen?!?

Lynds said...

Those brownies look ah-mazing!

I hated that Lost scene with Locke. I think Ben is and always has been a liar. I don't think he has the best interest for the Island at all, or Locke or anyone but him for that matter. He wants to lead, and will kill Locke in that pit, and his father, and presumably that girl he liked as a kid. I don't trust him. He's very selfish.. he wants to be special but isn't. As for stopping him from suicide then killing him. I think plainly Locke knew too much information that Ben couldn't lie to him, it was safer to have Locke dead than alive.... and here Ben did just what Richard said of Locke (to die to come back)

Once in a while I think this pertains to him = "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"

Whidmore. What do we really know? We know that we were to dislike him because he didn't want Desmond to marry his daughter. And I adore Desmond, I think he is a beautiful, wonderful, actor/character with a great accent. But I can see why W may not want him to marry his only daughter. I can see and understand why he would want his daughter to marry someone that was "more".

He was brusque on the island as a young man, but there were strange people and he was protective. I always liked Whidmore's sidekick, sucks that he died....

I don't know I start to think Whidmore isn't really that bad in the end. Ben wants to lead, he doesn't want Whidmore or Locke to do so. I think that could be Ben's major motivation, then he does what he needs to get himself back in that situation.

I could go on and on.

Lynds said...

Oh with Whidmore on the fake plane...

Whidmore knew the plane was flying OVER the area, that's why his sidekick (I can't recall his name) told Locke to do the roundabout, and get him where he needed to be. So Whidmore knew or at least guessed what happened.

Likewise he wanted to protect the island from the world looking too hard, and too far, and falling on top of the island. Keep it secret.


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