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Three Things This Thursday.......(with more thoughts on LOST)

OK, so let me get this straight.

We start the show with Jack in the jungle.....great. Season One opening scene....a flashback.

No wait......he has a piece of paper in his hand, and is not clearly as banged up from the original crash, and he hears Hurley screaming for help.
I think it's a dream.
Nope, it never cuts to him waking up.....OK, so this must be this latest trek back to the island.....oh cool. Hurley gets rescued and Kate is alive although looks like she landed on a rock, ouch. So this is good......they are back.

Well sorta.....Sun, Sayid and now whoever else is getting introduced into this storyline is not accounted for. ( I think that guy who offered his condolences to Jack at the airport is a new Lostie)

But just when you think you have it all figured out.......(these writers are determined to get me on anxiety meds).....Jin shows up at the very end. Hurray! No.....he is in a Dharma uniform and driving a VW Bus that is in very good condition. (which btw, if anyone knows of any for sale......please contact me ASAP).

"So, when are they?"

I think I feel a nosebleed coming on again.

ok....some other good stuff and questions:

Lots of church/religion underlying tones in this episode. Doubting Thomas, Leap of Faith reference.......What "belief" was Ben referring to when he tells Jack about how everyone eventually believes. Belief in the Island? Belief in an afterlife? Belief is reincarnation?

Oh, btw..someone noted before that the carpet cleaning van had a company name on it..... Canton-Rainier......unscramble the letters: Reincarnation.

We meet Jack's grandad......is he going to play yet another role in this??? Or maybe he is just the go-between for the shoes. And I was happy to learn why Christian Sheppard was wearing those hideous white sneakers with his suit all this time.

What happened to Aaron? I am wondering if she tracked down Claire's mom and brought him to her......but that would be a heck of a bomb to drop on someone wouldn't it? "Hi, you don't really know me........but I've got something to tell you. Your daughter didn't die in the plane crash, she is on this unknown island......not sure if she is still alive. Oh, and btw, this is your grandson. She was pregnant when she took that flight. Good day mate." (putting my Australian twist on it).

So now we have this big pendulum swinging lab under a church, no doubt. Obviously, Dharma's L.A. hatch. I am guessing that Daniel was the man that Eloise was referring to when she kept saying this particular scientist figured out the "windows". Maybe that is how he is able to keep popping into different timelines of the island. Maybe that is why he tries to go back and warn Charlotte about not coming back. (referring to last week, when she said living on the island as a child, ... there was a scary man who told her never to return and that she believes it was him.)

Sayid is now in handcuffs with what appears to be a marshall......I am guessing Ben had a way of getting him arrested for something.....but why would they be bringing him to Guam?

I am still stuck on wondering about that fake fortune teller guy who gave Claire those tickets with the specific flight on it a few seasons back. We now know that Flight 815 was one of those "window" opportunities so someone needed Claire on it.

I think the last person Ben needs to "see" is Penny to kill her. He told Charles Whidmore that he would. And then that would bring it all full circle when Eloise Hawkings tells Desmond that he is not done with the island.....meaning, he would be going back to the island to get Ben. eek.

Also, Lapidus was supposed to flying the original Oceanic flight......remember? Makes sense that he was now the pilot for this flight. Like somehow in was in his fate to be connected to that island. I loved it when he said "We're not going to Guam, are we?"

Little mindbenders?

How did Ben's mom teach him to read, when she died at birth? Hmmmmmmmm? (or maybe Ben is just being sacastic......or a pathological liar)

Did anyone else think that John Locke was going to jump up when Jack was putting on those shoes?

And lastly......why doesn't anyone ask any questions or persue things?!?!?!

Like no-one thought to ask Ben what the heck happened to him when he showed up all banged out? (although this might coincide with him trying to kill Penny.....hmmmmm?)

Why wouldn't Jack open the darn envelop about John's suicide right away?

Kate tells Jack to never ask about Aaron.....and he doesn't even try to get a hint?? COME ON!!!
These people are too disciplined.

phew.....I am just thankful there were no nosebleeds this week.

OK on to my other two things:

2. Am I the only person who gets this sense of domestic bliss when you have cupboards full of good treats, a fridge stocked with tons of food......and a bowl on the counter filled with fresh assorted fruit? Yesterday I went to do my "big" grocery shopping which entailed going to 4 different stores and 17+ filled to the top reusable cloth bags. I probably could have gotten it all done at one store in one hour........but I would have spent twice as much. Yes, I was mapping out which stores had the best deals, fumbling through two unorganized envelops of coupons.....but I managed to do it all for a little over $200......cash. (and that included the $38 bag of Dog Food for Moofy)
Remember, we are now on a very strict budget.

3. I was reminded just how out of shape I am. I mean......really out of shape. Weight wise....I have been lingering with this 8 pound overage for the past couple of years. I can handle that....I am tall, so I can camouflage the little "muffin top" that is starting to creep in. I know that gravity is surely taking over as my butt cheeks are about 2 inches lower than a few years ago. Bottom line is that I haven't exercise in over a year. My treadmill sits in the corner of my family room.....it makes a great coat rack. But this week, I discovered how much I desperately need to get back to running again. How you ask?
Yes.....I met a friend and we took the kids bowling Tuesday. I was very excited as I love the obnoxious shoes. I just have to block my brain about how many other people's feet have been in them and I can enjoy myself.
So we enjoy a few strings of *small* ball........AKA duckpin........bowling. We had lots of fun....my team won. I did my "in-your'face" butt wiggles when I picked up a spare (have I ever mentioned how competitive I am).
Well all I can say about "in your face" proof that I really need to start exercising again is that I woke up Wednesday morning feeling like I had a 30 pound yoke on my shoulders and my gluteus maximus muscles felt like I did 500 squats. Are you kidding me?

So there you have it.......three things this Thursday......if you want to jump in and share......or maybe just post your Lost theories/thoughts/musings........feel free to comment and/or leave your link here:


Catherine said...

Wow I didn't even think of Ben trying to kill Penny, but he was at a marina, and Penny was still on her boat with little Charlie, right??? I hope Ben didn't win the fight!

I thought the reading line was just Ben being sarcastic, and in an episode without Sawyer it was the best line of the week!

I don't think Kate gave Aaron to Claire's mom. I think she either gave him to the lawyer or took him to Sun to ask what to do and Sun gave him to someone. I think Aaron and Ji Yeun (Sun's baby) are going to be the keys to something later.

But here's the thing: Sun got on that plane to go back to the Island for who knows how long WITHOUT HER BABY!!! What the heck!

Karen said...

Hello! I found your blog on Blog Stalkers Unite and I really, really like it.

I swear, everything you said about last night's episode was exactly what I was saying while I was watching it. As soon as Ben said he had to "keep a promise to an old friend" I started freaking out for Penny.

I, too, believe Kate gave Aaron to Claire's mom and that is why she told Jack to NEVER ask about him again. If she just left him in Sun's mom's care, she'd be hoping to eventually see him again, and if that were the case, why couldn't Jack know that?

The line about reading was very, very funny and I don't know about that either. It could have just been a funny/sarcastic line or it could have been Ben lying again or it could be something else. With this show, it's so hard to tell sometimes.

My lingering question is: how did they ALL end up on THAT flight together? The only ones that knew the details were Ben, Jack, and Sun. Kate wasn't with them, Hurley was in lock up and Sayid was off who knows where. I think Ben pulls a lot strings we'll never know about.

Heather J. said...

I LOVED this episode - there was so much going on!

I followed your link from ROCKS IN MY DRYER and wanted to invite you to post your recap at the LOST Books Blog - we link up to lots of recaps each week.

Lynds said...

I agree with Catherine, I thought Ben was being sarcastic. We loved the line.

I totally thought Ben did something to get Sayid caught, and onto that flight. Sayid has done enough bad things around the world, it probably wouldn't be hard to frame him.

As for Hurley. When asked how he knew, and he got all weird "Im here aren't I" over it. It made me think someone "dead" talked to him to be on it, maybe Charlie. He wouldn't want to share anything with that.

As for Aaron. Kate said - if you want me to get on that plane, don't ever ask me.... um once you got her on the plane, ASK! You got her where you wanted her, now let us know what's going on!

Nobody ever asks anything. Everyone is happy knowing nothing! Drives me batty!

kisatrtle said...

I enjoyed your write up.. I really hope Ben didn't kill Penny, but in a way I sort of understand his anger. Here's hoping Kate did give Aaron to Claire's mom, but that would be very grown up and we are talking about Kate.

nancymkqueen said...

I really hope that Ben didn't harm Penny in any way. I do think that possibly Desmond is the one who beat him up because he was at the marina when he called Jack.
I also found it odd that nobody asked Ben what happened to him. I don't think that he is capable of telling the truth, so maybe that is why nobody asked. Even when Jack asked him why he was reading on the plane, he said "my mother taught me" LIE- SHE DIED IN CHILDBIRTH!
Since Desmond went to the island the last time via boat, it's possible that he will end up there again with his family, don't you think?


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