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Three Things This Thursday.......(with more thoughts on LOST)

1. OK, so let's get to Lost!

I am gonna say........I loved every single minute of it, and I called a few things. I was so proud of myself that I actually was grasping the storyline first shot. (as opposed to annoying Josh with pausing and asking him to walk me through what was going on).

So first......I totally called that Ben was behind that court order for Kate to submit blood samples. It just made sense seeing as though she would never be convinced to go back to the island unless it was a dire circumstance. She obviously does not scare or get intimidated easy. (think about all her past butt kicking)

And zip towards the end of the show......I called the whole French group being Danielle and her crew. When Jin popped in the scene, it did throw me for a loop for a minute, but then when the young girl removed her jacket and I saw that belly.....I knew it was Danielle! But how the heck is Jin going to figure out what is going on? I am getting anxiety thinking about how there is no-one to explain the time travel deal to him. *note to self, Michelle......it is just a TV show.

Now what is up with Sun? Did anyone else get nervous that she was going to hurt or take Aaron? After I saw her looking at the file and getting the gun......it made more sense that Ben is her target, but she is appearing to have a very disturbed mannerism lately.

Some other thoughts or theories to toss around.

Could Charlotte be Daniel's daughter somehow?

Oh! And I did talk about how I thought that the little baby in the opening scene of the first episode might be Miles Straum. I think Daniel confirmed that last night when Miles had the nosebleed which has been thought to be attributed to being exposed to the island's radiation for long periods of time. Miles asks Daniel about how that could be possible seeing as though he had only been on the island for a few days.......and Daniel asked, "are you sure?"

Who the heck did those boats belong to and who was shooting at John, Sawyer, Juliet? Loved when Sawyer screamed Thank you Lord.......then after the flash.......I take it back! Funny.

Does Kate know that Claire is actually Jack's half sister? I cannot remember if he told her about that.

One final thought. I hope that Sawyer's nose doesn't start bleeding.

On to my two other things this Thursday~

2. I discovered that N's gerbil died this morning. RIP Midnight.

Now I need to figure out when to tell her. We have our homeschooling science class today and I really know she is going to be upset......so I might hold off until after they leave. (the gerbil cage is downstairs in E's room, so she won't know unless she goes down there this morning.....I'll have to keep extra eyes on her and deter that from happening). I am sure she will want to bury him and have some sort of ceremony. The ceremony, I can do......the burying,...ain't gonna happen with the frozen tundra outside. So where is he gonna be laid to rest? yikes. Would it be horrible to suggest a cremation with our weekly bonfire?

3. We are planning to go to one of these indoor waterpark/resorts as a little treat when tax return comes in. I have heard it is a blast. Kids have no idea.......we want to surprise them.
Check it out.....they have quite a few:

CoCo Key Water Resorts

Guess I better get our Turbo Tax software soon.

OK, if you feel like talking about Lost or any other good things going on in your world.......please either leave a comment or post your blog's link here!


amanda said...

how exciting about the waterpark. we did that last year for breigh's birthday and THEY STILL talk about it. so now it'll probably be a 'yearly' thing. it's actually just small hotel with a waterpark, but nothing like the big ones. but for now it keeps them satisfied...oh and you had me rolling about the cremation of the animal. lol....

Lynds said...

Skipped the Lost talk as we haven't watched yet, but Woot! on the waterpark. My Dad does this from time to time and it sounds like a blast.

Sorry about Midnight. :(

Cajunrose said...

Sorry about Midnight. That's so sad :( How did she take it?


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