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a little tune-up

I came across this couple's blog from Pastor Pete Wilson's blog that had a series pertaining to things that destroyed their marriage. I enjoy watching and listening to Pete's series, he delivers powerful with his "you-can-relate" style. Currently I am watching his Dream Job series. If you haven't been to The Cross Point Church site, you are missing out on some great preaching.

So back to this marriage series........

I can say that Josh and I have a pretty solid relationship, but I don't think that anyone is never in need of a maintenance check, once in a while. And we do have some barriers that keep us from being even better. We all know that marriage is a work in process and I believe that every marriage can use a tune up.


Anyway......I really found this enlightening and wanted to pass it along....There were just some key areas that hit home to me.......specifically this

Here is the truth: If you want to grow in your intimacy with your spouse…if you want your spouse to pursue you again…if you want your spouse to respect you again…if you want your spouse to find you attractive again…if you want your spouse to forgive you again…if you want your spouse to love you again like they loved you when you were first married…pray for God to change you into the person your spouse needs you to be.

I applied this to a different situation with me......not so much wanting or needing Josh to find me attractive or respect me.....but more in the sense of wanting him to think or act differently in some areas. I can honestly admit that I pray selfishly sometimes when it comes to my marriage. I pray and ask God to change Josh's heart on certain things to accommodate me and my needs/wants. I am not really asking for what will be best for our marriage or more importantly what is pleasing to God.......I am asking for what I feel will be best for me. So I want to make some changes. This piece brought to light that how and what I am praying for is great place to start.

Bottom line, Christ needs to be in the center of our marriage, ALL the time.

I think that if we treat each other with Jesus's compassion, selfless ways, true forgiveness and understanding....we can make our marriage stronger than ever.



pete wilson said...

Hey Michelle. Thanks for reading the blog and listening to the messages. I hope it's helpful for you guys.

God bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, thanks for the link here. Alas, the post at your link is no longer there. :o( I still enjoyed reading your thoughts though! The part about asking God to make you the kind of person your spouse needs seems especially applicable to me. Thanks!


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