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Man's Best Friend

So yeah...usually I get woken up by the shrill sound of an alarm clock during the week. Sometimes it feels feels like I am being tasered out of a sound sleep......sometimes I barely hear it go off and Josh starts poking at me relentlessly.......either way, I am not a fan of early mornings and the alarm clock.

I cherish any day that I am able to "sleep in" (which btw, is waking any time after the sun rises)......I think I actually sleep better and deeper as a drift off without any anxiety of the impending scheduled siren.

This morning, I was blessed as I didn't even hear the alarm go off for Josh at that ridiculous time of 5:15AM. I did, however, get another more pleasant version of a wake-up call shortly after. Today it was a slobbering kiss (no, not my husband) that I think included a quick ear-cleaning. Sometimes it is a short quick exhale of dog breath in my face with a spray of drool.

Well, I guess I should be thankful that Mufasa wakes me up instead of stepping out of bed into a different kind of "wake-up" call.

It's kinda hard to get angry at him with his big doofy head in my face. He's got this simple look to him.....you know.....the light is on, but no-one is home.

He does looks like a vicious beast, but really is just an super-sized marshmallow. He does his job which is patrolling the circumference of our property, looking intimidating and keeping all the big bad squirrels away. Although he is still in that destructive chew anything that isn't bolted down or too heavy to drag puppy stage.......we love him and he is part of our family.

Anyway.....before I got up to let him out......he weaseled his way on the bed in Josh's spot and put his head on the pillow. He flipped on his back and gave me his best scary look. Well, I will admit.....I made a little adjustment as I pushed up his top lip, blew on his gums causing them to stick that way....and it was too funny not to snap a photo and share.

So I started laughing and then thought about how trusting, loving and faithful dogs are. Mufasa did not care that I had severe morning breath, my hair was in knots and I was sleeping in a ripped t-shirt. He wagged his little nubby tail and slapped another sloppy kiss up my nose.

Then for whatever strange reason......I started to think about God.

*I wanted to state a disclaimer that I am not implying God is like a dog by any way, shape or form. I just started to think about how society uses the saying "A dog is a man's best friend".....we have it totally wrong. It should be "God is man's best friend"

So hopefully I am not offending anyone.....I just like to bring God into my conversions and a little connection light bulb went off in my foggy head. And what can I say.....I had a great day at church yesterday, and quite honestly, I am a just a Jesus Freak.

So what I am trying to say.....is that dog's are have a fraction of the loyalty, trust and faithfulness that God has. Yes, dogs do display these traits and no one is more of an animal lover than me......but I gotta give the God we serve a shout out that He deserves here. He is one million-gajillion more of a better friend than we ever deserve to have.

We serve a God who will be by our side no matter what. He will never forsake us. He is excited for our return each and everytime. When we wander off......He will never give up on us and He will stay on our trail. We sometimes neglect Him, but He doesn't hold a grudge. He welcomes us with great big forgiving arms even when we keep screwing up and come back with *our* tails between our legs.

He doesn't care what we look like. He loves us regardless. He isn't moody and His love and compassion is never-ending.

He loves to cuddle up with us after a long day.

He loves it when we give Him the attention and praise He deserves.

So yeah.....I am babbling and again.....I hope these thoughts and ramblings are not offensive in the sense of it started out with talking about my dog and lead to comparing a dog's traits to what an amazing God we serve. I trust that God knows my heart and what I am trying to say here, even if I do get a little strange and quirky.....I guess it's my blog to ramble about whatever comes into this space I call my mind. (or whatever is left to it)....please don't send the men in the white coats.

I hope you have a great Monday......and that you might have gotten to sleep in a bit. ;)



4under3 said...

What a lovely best friend post. I'm a Jesus freak too, and I'm glad He doesn't mind about my "morning breath" day in and day out.


p.s. I really enjoyed PS I love you. Such a sweet movie. I'm waiting to hear about your make up date.


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