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How Great is our God

Well that title is inspired by two reasons.

First, Josh is insisting that I sing the song "How Great is Our God" with him one night on stage. Is he clearly insane? I cannot carry a tune if my life depended on it. If you've ever talked to me, there would be no denying this. I have a raspy voice that starts to resemble a car horn when I sing. Not sure what his intentions are........maybe he is a glutton for punishment by considering inviting me on stage only to destroy this beautiful song. Maybe he has been watching too many American Idol shows and those horrible auditions. I think the saying "Love is blind" can also be reiterated to "Love is Deaf".

I have no idea, but you will not be seeing or hearing me on stage any time soon (and you should be thankful)

But the main reason those words are on my mind....I had a rough day yesterday.

I wrote that before I went to church. I really really needed church. I know I can (and do) talk to God where and whenever I want, but I needed to be surrounded by Believers. I needed to get lost in the music during praise and worship. I will admit that I do sing at church and should probably apologize publicly for that.

But I can't help it....As soon as the music starts and I close my eyes, nothing else matters. (sorry, not even people within earshot of my singing)

This is *our* time. You know....me and God's time to catch up.

So, even on the outside when I appear to just be singing off key, I really am having my own one on one convo with God. So, I started out asking God to help direct my thoughts solely on Him.......knowing fully that He would take me where I need to be. And then I prayed for Abby again. I thought about how menial my "troubles" were compared to what this little girl has been facing every minute. I asked God to place His healing hands on that sweet child and wipe away the ugly cancer.
I finished up our private conversation thanking Him for keeping me, the kids, Josh and everyone I love healthy and safe this week......then I belted out a huge AMEN! (I might have shouted out a few "woohoos" too)

Well, today I woke up refreshed and with a new mind. Don't you just love how God has His hand out to pull up us when we fall down.....every time. And believe me.....I fall......alot. I am very clumsy as soon as I take try to take the lead in my life.

I am so grateful that we serve such a Great God:

One who loves us no matter what.
One who reminds us that we are forgiven.
One who not only does not hold a grudge, and forgives us when we do.
One who picks us up when we fall.
One who sends the right person with the right words......at just the right time.
One who knows all things.
One who comforts, One who heals.

So....here's to a new day. A new mind.

Remember....Jesus tells us "Call My Name......and I'll be there"

I just had to post this video/song. I must have played it 25 times yesterday while I was trying turn around my thoughts and focus. It's amazing how singing, worshiping and praising Him casts all negative thoughts out and brings in peace. (it also helps put a pep in your step when cleaning your house).

*remember to pause my music......and enjoy! (oh, if you are in New England.....Third Day is playing in Worcester, Mass in March!)

Happy Monday~



Lynds said...

mmm I like that song. I love their music, and the kind that lifts you up, makes you reflect, and refreshes your spirit.

I'm glad that church was good for your soul yesterday. I need church too, I need that time with others, I need to sing the hymns, and know that even when things are hard, I'm not alone, with God, and other believers so near.

I think you should sing. Singing for God isn't only for those that sing "good" (who decides what's good anyway!?). Our new church has lots of singing, and it's real, and down to earth, and they can not carry a tune, especially as a whole.... but no one cares. It's not about that, it's about praise and singing for the Lord. And anyone can do that!

Much Love!

Lynds said...

ETA: By what I mean in you singing, is you singing with Josh.... ;)

amanda said...

i totally agree with you about worship. it is just you and god. i'm seeing third day when they come to wisconsin in march. maybe i could hop on their tour bus and visit you too. as long as you promise to not talk about poo. lol.

4under3 said...

Bravo! Bravo, Michelle! Great post.

I love "me and God time," too, and Third Day!



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