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Lucky Lucky

So I have been on a lucky streak these past few days......so thought I would brag share.

First.....N has been hitting some walls with math. We are using Bob Jones and although it's been working out pretty well so far.....she is struggling with some basic concepts and it doesn't dig deep enough into them. I have heard great things about the Math U See program. Unfortunately, I don't have the extra money to invest as it is a little pricey. So I put a "looking for" ad in our homeschooling newsletter and this awesome mama offered me not only the teachers guide/student text for N's level....but the next level up as well! YIPPEE! So now all I need to do is get the manipulative blocks and the workbook. What a blessing!

Then, on Sunday......my friend Kelly held an At Home America Open House at her home. It was really nice.....she had some cash and carry items and offered free shipping on anything from the newest catalog if you ordered that day. So she had the clearance items displayed and they were for sale on a first come/first serve basis. I quickly scanned the available items. My eyes fixed on this awesome stoneware platter that had a $10 price tag on it. So I did what any seasoned bargain-lovin consumer would do......I made a beeline and snatched it up like a dog marking it's territory. I really hope that elderly woman forgave me for stepping on her ankle. (In my defense, she kinda *was* blocking the area)

And then at the end of the party, she had a raffle....
Guess who won this awesome chip/dip set???? I have had my eyes on that beauty every time I've looked through her catalogs. If you feel like treating yourself to something new for your home..... ....check out At Home America's new line. You can grab some great sale items too. Click here.

And lastly.....I mentioned that the publication Serious Life Magazine yesterday......what I forgot to mention is how lucky blessed I was that Brent Riggs is so generous as well as an awesome man of faith. I wanted to bless him and help him spread the Good News, so I popped the information on my business's site as well.
Well, he blessed me right back and put a beautiful ad for my Christian tee business in this month's magazine.......for FREE! Praise God!
I haven't really talked much about my Little Earth Angels business here yet. I've been laying low with that CPSIA law that was hanging over the handmade community's head, but the regulations have just got postponed for a year.
And to be honest, with the current economy, I haven't been making much money with my businesses. 2008 was rough for everyone.....and I didn't have the resources to invest in advertising so of course that creates a circle (no advertising-no sales-no money for advertising) But they are my little outlet for being creative and allows me to express how much I value natural parenting techniques, saving God's world by doing what we can......and glorifying Him with little messages on children's tees. I've had Little Earth Angels for almost five years now and started an organic line, Hippie Love Child in 2007. God always finds a way to send business my way just when a bill is due or we need a few extra bucks. He's good like that. ;)

I actually am going to have a little giveaway for my 100th post which is coming up soon. So keep your eyes out for that. In the meantime.......if you feel like browsing around.....I'd love to give my blogging buddies a discount. Use BLOGGING at checkout for 15% off for the entire month of February. :)
(if you have any issues with checking out or any questions......just shoot me an email.)

Well that wraps it up for today.....I hope this finds you smiling and well.

Peace and love~



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